‘Big Brother 22’ Week 10 Spoilers: New HOH Revealed

The houseguests vie for the HOH

Warning: This article reveals spoilers from Big Brother Season 22.

Thursday night, October 8, saw the eviction of Tyler Crispen from the Big Brother: All-Stars house. The former runner-up sat next to Christmas Abbott on the block and was the target from the get-go all week.

Reigning Head of Household (HOH) Cody Calafiore knew he wanted Tyler gone since he is a tremendous player and because he was starting to spread lies to save himself from eviction. The vote to get rid of the Hilton Head native was unanimous, with Nicole Franzel, Enzo Palumbo, and Memphis Garrett all sending him out the door.

The next HOH competition followed promptly with an endurance challenge that saw the houseguests steady themselves on wobbly balance beams as they had to stack balls at the end of it. Only a short part of the contest played out on the episode, with the rest occurring off-screen. The competition wasn’t offered on the live feeds either, but when they resumed several hours later last night, the new HOH was revealed.

According to Big Brother Daily on Twitter, Nicole walked away with her first HOH of the season. In what was one of the most crucial competitions, the former winner saved herself for another week, along with her final two partner Cody. The likelihood of Nicole putting up Cody is slim to none, putting Enzo, Christmas, and Memphis Garrett in the potential hot seats.

Nicole Fraznel sits in the Big Brother house

With Enzo a close buddy of Cody, Nicole is more than likely going to put Christmas and Memphis on the block. Should one of them win the Power of Veto (POV), Enzo will go up as the replacement nominee and the pawn. For now, the target between Memphis and Christmas is being discussed, but the personal trainer will more than likely be sent packing if she doesn’t win the POV. Cody has a final two deal with Memphis as well, so he will want to keep him more than Christmas. Nicole has been following Cody’s every word this year, so what he says will go this week.

Some of the brief conversations on the live feeds saw Cody and Nicole discussing how this season was boring and how they believe the viewers probably hate them. This isn’t too far from the truth as fans have been complaining all summer long that All-Stars has fallen flat as there has been zero excitement or backstabbing.

The nomination ceremony will play out Friday, October 9, with the Power of Veto following on Sunday.