Marie Osmond Embarrasses Brother Donny On National Television In Classic TBT Clip

The event occurred during the Miss America Pageant in the year 2000.

Marie Osmond (L) and Donny Osmond accept the Pop Culture Award onstage during the 2015 TV Land Awards at Saban Theatre on April 11, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California.
Joe Scarnici / Getty Images

The event occurred during the Miss America Pageant in the year 2000.

Marie Osmond called some unwanted attention to her big brother Donny in a classic TBT clip. On his Instagram page, Donny shared a moment in time captured in front of a live studio audience to show how Marie poked some fun at him on national television.

Fans reacted with amusement to the video, which was from 2000 as the pair hosted the Miss America Pageant that year.

The video began with Donny introducing Brian Ford from the accounting firm of Ernst & Young with the judges’ decision. He thanked him for the results and that was when Marie went over to the official and began speaking to him. Marie explained that Brian was so good at keeping secrets that he hadn’t even told Donny that his fly was down.

A horrified Donny then looked down at his pants and appeared to pull up his zipper, prompting Marie to laugh hysterically. The same reaction was seen from the contestants on the stage.

Donny walked to the back of the stage and leaned against it with his face away from the crowd in embarrassment as a couple of the contestants tried to console him by patting him on the back.

In the clip, Donny wore an all-black ensemble. He had on a suit with a long jacket that fell to the back of his knees. That was teamed with a coordinating pair of pants, a shirt, and a tie.

Marie also sported the dark hue in a satin ball gown that had a boat neckline, cinched waist, and a billowy bottom that brushed the floor. Her sleeves were a three-quarter length. Marie wore her dark hair styled in an elegant updo, with bangs that fell across her forehead and were brushed to the right side.

Fans of the famous siblings found the clip to be hysterical, and they shared their thoughts regarding the iconic moment in the comments section.

“Thank you for sharing, and I can’t stop laughing. Blessing to you and Marie,” noted one follower.

“Only a sister would say a thing like that in that way, just ask my brother,” penned a second fan.

“And I bet you never again went onstage without triple-checking your zipper,” remarked a third Instagram user of the embarrassing moment on national television.

“It gets funnier every time you watch it. Lol she got you bad….. as usual,” wrote a fourth person who ended their statement with a smiling emoji.