‘Dancing With The Stars’ Fans Complain After Peta Murgatroyd Dances In Gold Leotard With Thong Back

Some of Peta's Instagram followers thought that her look was too revealing.

Peta Murgatroyd and Vernon Davis pose for photo during fourth live week of 'Dancing with the Stars'
Kelsey McNeal / ABC

Some of Peta's Instagram followers thought that her look was too revealing.

Peta Murgatroyd gave Dancing with the Stars viewers a sneak peek at her outfit for ’80s Night, and some of her Instagram followers complained that her costume was too risqué for prime-time television.

Peta, 34, made some fans do a double take when she shared a photo and two videos of her retro athletic ensemble. She flaunted her fit physique in a gold leotard with a dazzling metallic sheen. The high leg openings reached her waistline, and the back boasted a thong design.

The front had a classic scoop neck that displayed some cleavage. The lower half of the garment had a daringly narrow front. Around her waist, she wore a bedazzled purple belt. She also rocked a pair of white tube socks and Nike sneakers with a vintage look. Her blond mullet wig further paid tribute to the decade of decadence.

However, it was her nude tights that caused a fuss in the comments section of her post. The stretchy stockings clung to her derriere and legs like a second skin. The coverings were a color that was so close to Peta’s own creamy complexion that some fans were fooled into thinking that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath her shiny leotard. This prompted some critics to complain that her ensemble showed too much skin.

“Sometimes I think that they forget it is suppose to be a ‘family’ show. Seriously, tone it down with the non-existent costumes,” read one message.

“Really?!?! What in the hell are you NOT wearing?? Do you have no shame?!? Get some freaking clothes on!!” another critic wrote.

The comments about Peta looking pantsless seemingly caused her to edit her caption to add that she was wearing tights. Her celebrity partner, NFL player Vernon Davis, showed off more actual bare skin in his tiny green athletic shorts.

In the two videos that she shared, Peta was solo as she danced around in her aerobics-inspired ensemble. In one clip, she showed off her pert posterior by turning to the side, kicking one leg up, and shaking her hips. In the second video, she assumed a wide-legged stance and lowered her upper body up and down. She then stayed low and moved her hips from side to side.

Many of Peta’s fans remarked on how her moves reminded them of ’80s fitness icon Jane Fonda or Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie Perfect. They also praised her amazing figure.

“You are living and I am Dying!!! Nope sorry I am dead! LOL. Your booty game! The outfit just WOW,” wrote one fan.

“So epic. I love how you manage to be a total smoke show even in this ridiculous outfit. Not fair,” another admirer remarked.