Sommer Ray Causes A Stir In A Neon Pink One-Piece Ensemble: ‘Come On Baby, Let’s Ride’

Sommer Ray attends an event in Houston, Texas
Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

Fitness queen Sommer Ray shared a new-to-fans slate of photos via her Instagram page on Thursday. The ensemble she wore, and the backdrop she posed in front of, may have looked familiar to those who keep close tabs on her uploads. Despite that, this fresh selection of shots was quite successful in generating a new round of heat.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, Sommer had revealed a string of snapshots from this particular photo shoot before. However, her new post proved that she still had plenty of tantalizing pictures to reveal. She still wore the same outfit that consisted of a neon pink ribbed one-piece, a white belt, and white boots, but she found new ways to show off her phenomenal physique.

Several of the five uploads showed Sommer teasingly drinking soda from a can through a straw. In the first picture, Sommer stood with her highlighted tresses swept over her head. They hung in front of her and she looked past the photographer as she held the straw between her lips.

She continued to playfully sip from the can in the second photo, and this time, she rested an elbow on the hood of the vintage Mustang next to her. She propped one booted foot up onto the frame of the vehicle and flaunted her long legs and curvy derriere.

The third upload appeared to show Sommer in essentially the same position, but from further away so her fans could appreciate her figure from head-to-toe. One more snap including the soda came next, and this time, Sommer tousled her tresses as she leaned her booty on the open car door.

In the last pic, Sommer posed next to the car with the door open behind her. She pushed the white jacket down off of her shoulders and let her tresses obscure part of her face as she looked over her shoulder toward the photographer. Her peachy posterior demanded attention in this position, and her fans had plenty to say.

“You middle name must be blessing cause that’s what you are to this earth,” praised one fan.

“I think I might call you The Sweet Sensation because you are stunningly amazing,” declared another.

“You’re a queen,” a follower raved.

“Possibly the best I’ve ever seen,” a fourth fan noted.

Sommer’s Instagram following of 25.5 million people clearly loved this fresh peek into this sultry shoot. More than 560,000 people liked the post during the first five hours after she’d shared it, and 2,150 fans commented as well. There was no shortage of praise for either the 24-year-old bombshell, or the Mustang, and nearly everybody seemed to agree that they made for an incredible combination.