‘Big Brother 22’ Week 9: Which Houseguest Was Evicted Thursday Night?

Tyler Crispen (L) and Christmas Abbott (R) sit on the block

Warning: This article reveals the latest evictee on Big Brother All-Stars.

Another one bites the dust in the Big Brother house. Thursday night featured Tyler Crispen sitting next to Christmas Abbott on the block, both of whom made it to at least the final three on their debut seasons. Before the vote, some backstory was shown, trying to confuse the viewers by suggesting both Tyler and Christmas might be sent home. Viewers of the live feeds knew that Tyler was the target from the beginning, and while some of the roommates toyed with the idea of sending Christmas home, the lifeguard was never going to make it out of this season alive.

In a last-ditch effort, Tyler told his roommates that they should be worried if they evicted him from the game. The attempted threat did nothing as the vote was unanimous, with Memphis Garrett, Enzo Palumbo, and Nicole Franzel all choosing to evict him in the end. Once he left the house and met with Julie Chen on stage, Tyler said the threat was a “Hail Mary” and knew that it probably wasn’t going to amount to anything.

The Hilton Head native went through some of his mistakes this season, some of which he said had to do with his wanting to leave the game at a few points during the summer.

Tyler Crispen sits in the Big Brother household

Tyler got to see goodbye messages from all of the remaining players, who did nothing but pay him respect. Nicole and Enzo admitted that he was just too good at the game and they had to take a shot at him while they had the chance. Cody Calafiore revealed his final two deals with Nicole and Memphis, the first of which Tyler had already assumed was happening. He seemed a little surprised about the deal with Memphis but didn’t take any of the secrecy to heart.

He did joke that there were a lot of people “double and triple-dipping,” and laughed while noting that was the strategy he abided by during his first season.

Shortly after Tyler was evicted, a prompt Head of Household (HOH) competition took place. With Cody as the outgoing HOH, he was not eligible to play. A balance comp ensured with the remaining housemates walking across a wobbly beam as they tried to balance a ball at the end of it. The competition was not yet over as of the end of the episode, and fans are currently glued to the live feeds to figure out who won ahead of the reveal on the next episode.