October 8, 2020
'Big Brother' 22: Tears Start Pouring In The Jury House

For over two weeks now, fans of Big Brother have been pleading with CBS to let them see inside the jury house. Ian Terry was the first houseguest to be sent to the jury and was subsequently followed by Da'Vonne Rogers, Kevin Campbell, David Alexander, and Dani Briones. Now that there are five jury members, the producers gave viewers a look into the other location, showcasing every reaction as the evicted houseguests saw who was eliminated right behind them.

Ian wasn't too surprised to see Da'Vonne join him, although he admitted he was expecting to see David. The latter had already been on the block several times in the game, so his survival wasn't likely. Both Da'Vonne and Ian expected to see Kevin join them and although it was assumed, it didn't mean it wasn't upsetting.

David walked in shortly after, which brought tears to Da'Vonne's eyes. She admitted she did not want to be seeing him, as she was rooting for a Black houseguest to win the game this year.

The waterworks worsened when Dani walked in immediately after, completely surprising all of the jury members. Both she and Da'Vonne hugged and shared some tears, and the next day they all sat down and watched a video of what happened over the last week.

Something that shocked Ian and Da'Vonne was the fact that David went for the $10,000 prize in the OTEV Power of Veto competition. Instead of trying to win safety, he went for the money. Ian said he respected the move, while the other jurors slammed him for the decision.

David Alexander (L) and Kevin Campberll (R)

David defended himself saying he had been targeted all season and was fighting a losing battle, so why not go for something certain? While Dani explained a chain of events that could have happened if he won the POV, he reminded them that was all based on "ifs" and nothing is ever certain in the game.

Something all of the jurors could agree on was the scared move Enzo Palumbo made when he declined to vote out Nicole Franzel in the triple eviction. Christmas Abbott and Tyler Crispen voted for the former winner, but Enzo changed his mind and stuck with the main alliance and sent David home. Kevin pointed out that all season long, Enzo had been talking about a big move and getting rid of Nicole, but backed out due to fear.

Dani cried as they watched the video of her eviction and told her new roommates that she has never felt so betrayed in Big Brother before. She is still hurt by Cody Calafiore's vote to evict her, thinking she was closer to him that Nicole was. Dani revealed that she thinks she was sent home because she is a much bigger threat and better overall player than Nicole, according to Big Brother Daily on Twitter.