WWE News: Legend Claims He Was Attacked By Cops, Wonders Why Breonna Taylor 'Got All The Attention'

As documented by WrestlingNews.co, WWE legend Marty Jannetty took to his Facebook this week and shared a message that he received from Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. He then explained that he was there because he was assaulted by New York City police officers.

According to the former WWE superstar, who was one-half of The Rockers tag team alongside Shawn Michaels in the 1980s and early '90s, the officers took his phone. He then went on to explain what happened.

"I was in front of JFK airport trying to go home..they jumped me from behind.. I locked one of them up (arms stiff waving at heaven) when you in NYC and get jumped from behind, you probably getting robbed…the Dr apologized, said mistaken identity.. I liked him, was very nice to me..my boy Nicholas Masci came back and got me to the airport..but..dude where's my phone?

"PS- why Breanna Taylor got all that attention on mistaken identity?? I got NONE..is it because I'm white???"

Breonna Taylor, an African American woman, was fatally shot by police officers during a botched raid back in March. He suspected that the reason for the lack of media coverage is because he's "white."

Most of Jannetty's followers who commented took his story with a pinch of salt. Some of them even jokingly offered their support by saying they'd have performed wrestling moves on the cops if they were present when the alleged incident took place.

The legendary superstar is known to use social media to create controversy, and this could be the latest example of him using his platform to work an angle.

Marty Jannetty celebrates title win

As the WrestlingNews.co article highlighted, Jannetty has a history of sharing bizarre and disturbing social media posts. He recently claimed that he killed a man who tried to rape him when he was a teenager. He then backtracked and said the statement was released as part of a wrestling storyline he was working on at the time.

However, as The Inquisitr recently documented, he's since revealed that he was telling the truth initially. He even recalled how he tried to burn the man's body before burying it in a ditch. According to Jannetty, he only said it was a storyline to get the authorities off his back.

It remains to be seen if Jannetty's latest update is part of a wrestling storyline. The 60-year-old is still an active competitor on the independent circuit. He last appeared on WWE television during a 2009 episode of Monday Night Raw, which saw him defeated by The Miz.