October 8, 2020
Sofia Vergara, 48, Sizzles In Topless Throwbacks & Teases She Wishes They Were Recent

Sofia Vergara gave her Instagram followers a stunning set of throwback photos to appreciate on Thursday. She initially joked in the caption that they were from the previous weekend. However, she didn't leave her fans hanging for long on this. She immediately noted that they were from sometime during the 1990s, and everybody fawned over how gorgeous she was both then and now.

The America's Got Talent judge uploaded two photos from the same '90s shoot. The first picture was one she actually had shared a few months ago. However, the second snapshot appeared to be new to everybody. Both snaps showed Sofia only wearing bikini bottoms as she posed along a sandy beach and waterfront, and they were both incredibly tantalizing.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, one photo showed the Modern Family star stretched across the sand. Very little of her ensemble could be seen, but that changed when it came to the second snap in her new upload.

For this one, Sofia stood knee-deep in the water. Her upper thighs, midriff, chest, and arms were covered in sand, signaling that this one was snapped after the one she'd previously posted.

The screen siren stood with her arms crossed over her bare breasts, revealing a lot of cleavage but nothing too NSFW. She wore side-tie bikini bottoms that were covered in a pattern of green leaves and pink flowers, and she kept the silver cuff bracelet on her upper arm.

Sofia faced the photographer, but her steady gaze seemed to go past and slightly to the side of the camera. Her blond tresses were styled in a center part and the beachy locks gently framed her face and tumbled down her back.

The former model flaunted her rock-hard abs as she posed. Her positioning also gave her the opportunity to showcase her legs and hourglass curves as well.

More than 400,000 of Sofia's 20.3 million Instagram followers liked this set of photos during the first four hours after she had initially shared them. Around 2,000 comments poured in during that timeframe as well, and it was nothing but love for this sultry pair of throwback snaps.

"You still look the same but God bless the 90s," one fan teased.

"You are twice as beautiful now!" another praised.

"You look even better now Sofia, like a fine wine," commented a follower.

"You are more beautiful now," someone else declared.

Sofia still looks phenomenal now at the age of 48, and her followers go wild over any sultry present-day snapshots she shares. However, her throwbacks are exceedingly popular with her millions of fans, and they wasted no time in showing their love for the latest ones.