October 8, 2020
Brennah Black Exposes Bare Booty While Wearing Backless Lace Garter Set

Instagram model Brennah Black took to her social media page on Thursday morning with an enthralling image that delighted her 628,000 followers. She looked gorgeous wearing a lace lingerie set with a tantalizing design that showed off her ample assets. Over 6,200 fans hit the "like" button, with pulses racing in the first hour after the post was uploaded.

Brennah posed facing the camera with her backside in the three-quarter portrait, allowing most of her voluptuous behind to be captured. She turned her hips at a slight angle to maximize the view and appeared to stand with her legs together.

Her back was arched and she raised both arms into the air in front of her, with her elbows bent and her fingers tousling her blond hair. The triangular shape created by the position of her right arm beautifully framed her face as she turned to gaze over her shoulder.

Brennah's sumptuous ensemble featured a matching lace fabric with a rose pattern embellished with scintillating sapphire accents.

The black bra had sheer underwire cups that were edged around the bottom with the blue stitching. The garment had adjustable straps and clasped with tiny eye-hooks in the back.

She completed the outfit with a garter and backless panties. The garter also fastened in the back and encircled the most narrow part of her waist. It was detailed completely with the bright blue color and had a tiny charm that dangled on the small of her back.

Two adjustable straps on the back crossed vertically over the middle of her rear end, and a glimpse of one was visible against the front of Brennah's thigh.

The panties underneath sat a bit lower around her hips and were entirely black. They appeared to cover the front of her body and her hips with lacy material, but the back was entirely open. The top band mirrored the scalloped edge of the piece it accompanied, which framed the top of her derriere and connected to two straps that hugged her cheeks and seemingly joined one another between them.

Brennah stood against a plain, cream-colored wall that varied in tonality from top to bottom due to the small section of light pouring from an unseen source behind her. It brightly illuminated the ends of her platinum hair, which appeared to glow, and dappled her upper back and right side.

An elegant chandelier was partially visible hanging from the ceiling above her. It was elliptical and formed with small round crystals encased in a bronze grid structure.