October 8, 2020
WWE News: Superstar's Push In Doubt Following Suspected Broken Ankle Injury

As documented by PWInsider, NXT star Ridge Holland suffered what appeared to be a broken ankle on last night's episode of the black-and-gold brand's weekly show.

The British superstar got hurt during a post-match fight with Oney Lorcan. After defeating Lorcan's partner Danny Burch, Holland set about inflicting more punishment on his fallen opponent. Lorcan came out to save his friend, only to receive a Pescado for his troubles.

While Holland was delivering the move, however, his ankle buckled and appeared to snap. His foot was in an abnormal position afterward. The referees immediately broke up the brawl when they realized Holland was hurt.

He was subsequently stretchered out of the arena, indicating that he was legitimately injured and the segment wasn't staged. The referee threw up the 'X' finger symbol following the accident, which is reserved for occasions when performers need genuine medical attention.

The severity of the injury has yet to be disclosed, but the timing of it was very unfortunate for Holland. The rising star appeared set to receive a monster push on the black-and-gold brand. As noted by Wrestling Inc, he just started a rivalry with Adam Cole, who is a former NXT Champion and one of the top stars on the show.

Cole sent out a warning to Holland on Wednesday's episode, but the feud will undoubtedly be put on hold for the foreseeable future. However, it's clear that Holland is a high priority in WWE's plans if he was due to take on the leader of The Undisputed Era.

Ridge Holland celebrates victory

Officials purportedly have high hopes for Holland. As The Inquisitr previously documented, they reportedly see him as the next Brock Lesnar.

Holland's impressive physique, coupled with his sporting background, is supposedly why he's viewed as a potential successor to the former Universal Champion. The way he's been booked also suggests that he's in line to be fast-tracked to the top of the card.

Finn Balor also got hurt this week, though his injury isn't as bad as it's been made out to be, according to the NXT Champion. Kyle O'Reilly -- who challenged Balor for the top title at Sunday's Takeover event -- has also been sidelined until further notice.

Along with Holland, they join a growing injured list that also includes Karrion Kross and Teagan Nox. It's been a notable year for competitors experiencing misfortunes of this ilk, especially considering that all of them were having a good run of positive momentum on television at the time.