October 8, 2020
Fitness Trainer Anais Zanotti Works Her Core Muscles In Scooped White Sports Bra

Anais Zanotti stunned her Instagram fans with a series of workout videos that captured her in a figure-hugging outfit. The model shared the update on Wednesday, October 7, and it immediately sparked a frenzy among those who follow her.

The fitness maven shared a core workout routine that requires no equipment. She relied on her own body weight and repetition to exercise this area of her body. She defined the body's core muscles as the stomach, spine, two long back muscle groups, and the pelvic floor.

Anais added that one should complete four rounds of each exercise. Given that one round totaled 280 seconds, or just over four-and-a-half minutes, the exercises provided a quick, yet effective fitness solution.

Anais was dressed for the occasion in a tiny white compression shorts bra with a thick black underband. The bra, which could double as a crop top, had a deeply scooped neckline. She flaunted her ample cleavage, muscled abs, and broad shoulders as she exercised.

The certified trainer wore a pair of short shorts on the bottom. The navy fabric clung to her toned, yet curvy booty and muscular thighs. The athletic wear allowed her to put her chiseled abs on display and emphasized her minuscule waist.

The vegan model pulled her hair into a high ponytail. The hairstyle prevented her brown locks from falling into her eyes while she trained. She also wore white socks and sneakers to complete her sporty look.

The social media influencer was outdoors for the video. According to her geotag, she was in Tropical Park, which is in Miami. Those who follow her know that she lives in the south Florida city. She trained on a manicured lawn, surrounded by large trees.

In the first clip, she got on all fours and touched the opposite shoulder in a tapping movement. She followed it by lying on her back and touching her toes with her hands. Anais then slightly raised her shoulders from the ground and engaged her core while doing a leg flutter.

The fourth video showed some incredible form. Anais executed some V-ups by balancing on her glutes with her legs at a 45-degree angle. She contracted her stomach muscles before relaxing and tilting back, while slowly lowering her legs, but not allowing them to touch the ground.

Russian twists were up next, and Anais got her pulse racing by focusing on her obliques. She ended her routine with side planks and bridge toe touches.

Fans loved her offering. She was inundated with a slew of compliments from her followers.

"Keep up the good work," one follower praised.

"Doing absolutely amazing as always. You're a true inspiration to us. Keep it up," another encouraged.

One Instagrammer thought that the session seemed intense.

"My abs burn just looking at this workout," they noted.

"Killing it, beauty," a fourth raved.