October 8, 2020
Ana Cheri Looks Sexier Than Ever Flaunting Her Shapely Legs Under An Open Robe

Former Playboy model Ana Cheri recently spent some time in the Maldives, and she has delighted her 12.5 million Instagram followers with several updates that showed her enjoying the tropical paradise. On Thursday, she shared a photo that showed her looking sexier than ever while posing braless in an open robe.

The post consisted of a picture and a video. The still frame saw Ana posing in a bathroom. The video showed a view from the resort she stayed in while on vacation.

The photo captured Ana sitting on the edge of a bathtub in the resort. A large window filled one section of the bathroom wall, and a counter with a bowl sink could be seen behind her. Part of a shower was also visible in the picture.

Ana's robe was white, and it appeared to be made of a soft, terrycloth fabric. She wore it loose and open in the front with the belt tied around her waist. She leaned one hand on the side of the tub while she raised one leg through the opening of the garment. She held a glass of water in her other hand. She kept her eyes closed and had a relaxed look on her face. The pose showed off her shapely legs, and it gave her fans a peek at her cleavage and the back of her bare thigh. Her smooth, bronze skin popped against the white fabric.

Ana's hair was styled in loose waves, and she wore it over one shoulder. Her accessories included a dainty necklace, a bracelet and her wedding band.

The video was a walk through the bathroom onto the wooden deck outside, from which there was a gorgeous view of the ocean. A small swimming pool was off to one side of the deck.

Ana tagged the resort in the caption.

Dozens of Ana's fans filled the comments section with flame and heart-eye emoji. A few of them took a moment to gush over the sizzling picture.

"It's almost ridiculous how beautiful you are and that's from head to toe. XOXOXO!" one follower wrote.

"Wow Stunningly gorgeous," a second admirer chimed in.

"Amazing and dang Ana your legs like hello," quipped a third Instagram user.

"Damn you have some beautiful legs," a fourth comment read.

Ana certainly knows how to work the camera, and her recent vacation updates have shown just how sexy she can be. In a post earlier this week, she shared a couple of photos that saw her posing topless on the beach wearing only a skimpy, fringed skirt that did little to conceal her sand-covered booty.