October 8, 2020
Allie Auton Flaunts Dangerous Curves In Skimpy Daisy Dukes & A Cropped Tank Top

Allie Auton showcased her bombshell body in another fashion-forward outfit on Instagram. The October 7 update included two new images that saw her in a pair of skimpy Daisy Dukes and a cropped tank.

The first photo in the set captured Allie posed in a parking space. Behind the model were a black-and-yellow parking block and a hose that was adhered to the wall. A geotag in the update indicated that she was in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, where many of her recent photos have been snapped. The model stood with her chest facing toward the camera as she draped her hands near her thighs and averted her gaze to something outside the frame. Allie popped her hip to the side and captured her audience's attention in a sexy outfit from Princess Polly.

She sported a white graphic tank top with a retro motorsport logo on her chest. It had thick straps that were brushed by her hair, and the cut of the top offered a view of her trim arms. The piece was flowy on her chest and cut off near her ribs, leaving her taut tummy on display.

Allie wore a pair of bottoms that were equally racy. The Daisy Dukes boasted a trendy, light wash with distressing that gave her look a vintage vibe. It had a thick, belted waistband that was worn high on her hips, accentuating her tiny midsection and dangerous curves. The garment had ripped leg holes that hit high on her upper thigh, leaving her toned legs in full view. A tease of her black shoes was seen.

The second photo captured Allie in the same, sexy outfit, but she altered her pose slightly. Allie styled her silky blond tresses with a middle part and wore a pair of sunglasses on the top of her head. The model wore a beige purse with a gold strap slung over her shoulder and completed her ensemble with a gold ring.

In the upload's caption, she plugged her spring haul, which was added to her YouTube page. The photo earned more than 8,000 likes and 104 comments from fans in a matter of hours.

"What can one do but daringly breathe your beauty," one follower gushed, adding a set of pink heart emoji.

"Wow has anyone told you that you are Absolutely gorgeous," a second social media user complimented.

"You look amazing!!!" a third exclaimed.

"Dang girl on fire wish I looked that good," a fourth chimed in with a few flame emoji in the body of the text.