Jen Selter Hangs Out At The Beach With Her Dog In Latest Instagram Video

Fitness model Jen Selter surprised her 12.6 million Instagram followers with her most recent share, a cute video clip in which she hit the beach with her four-legged friend by her side.

The sun appeared to be setting in the video, and the sky transitioned from a stunning pale blue to a gorgeous orange near the horizon. The waves lapped gently against the sandy beach she stood on, and the water stretched out as far as the eye could see.

Jen started the video in a simple yet sexy bikini that showcased her sculpted figure. The garment flaunted her toned stomach, incredible shoulders and shapely legs as she stood on the sand, her long brunette locks blowing in the wind.

Someone from out of frame tossed a large pale pink sweatshirt at her, which she attempted to put on. As she was in the process of pulling the garment on, her dog -- Gram Selter -- was nipping at the hem and any part of the fabric he could get his teeth on. He hopped up and down on the sand beside Jen, trying to prevent her from pulling the piece over her head.

Jen has an Instagram page set up specifically for her pup, and she made sure to tag it in the caption of the post.

Eventually Jen managed to pull the oversized shirt over the top of her bikini. The piece had a hood that she pulled up over her brunette locks, covering her silky tresses. There was a pocket on the front and the hem came about halfway down her thighs, leaving some of her legs still on display.

The piece had an oversized fit that cloaked Jen's figure, and she busted out a small dance move before thrusting both her hands up into the air in a joyful gesture.

She paired the clip with a humorous caption, and her fans couldn't get enough. The post racked up over 477,400 views within 10 hours of going live. It also received 364 comments from her fans in the same time span.

"Prettiest girl ever," one admirer wrote, followed by a heart emoji.

"Lol I need that cover up thing though," another follower added, loving the oversized pink sweatshirt that Jen wore in the clip.

"That bod," a third fan remarked, including a heart eyes emoji in his comment, captivated by Jen's flawless figure.

Jen loves to spend time at the beach, according to her Instagram page. Just a few days ago, as The Inquisitr reported, she got all dolled-up in a pair of high-waisted hot pink leggings with a matching sports bra, and did a few workout moves on a yoga mat that had been stretched out on the sand.