Shawn Johnson Shows Off Potential Family Halloween Costumes, Daughter Drew Is An Adorable Wonder Woman

Shawn Johnson revealed she's trying to come up with some Halloween costume ideas for her family of three, and she took to Instagram Thursday to show off one patriotic possibility that included a cute outfit fit for a pint-sized superheroine.

The 28-year-old often wore the colors of the American flag while competing for Team USA during her gymnastics days, and she was rocking a look that seemed to pay tribute to her country's Olympic team in the photo she shared.

Shawn wore a hooded, blue onesie with red front pockets and red stripes with white stars down the sides, along with a "USA" logo on the left upper chest.

Her husband, former NFL player Andrew East, 29, sported a matching onesie in a much larger size.

The spouses also wore the same style of white sneakers with red-and-blue accents on the sides.

Shawn had her blond hair pulled up in a topknot, while her husband covered his mane up with a backwards gray baseball cap.

While the couple looked sporty, their 11-month-old daughter, Drew, looked like an iconic female DC superhero. She totally rocked her Wonder Woman costume, which included a long-sleeved crimson top emblazoned with Wonder Woman's gold "W" emblem. Her skirt featured two layers of bright blue tulle decorated with sparkly silver stars. She completed her outfit with a wide gold belt and a tinier version of her parents' athletic shoes.

Shawn and Andrew each held one of their daughter's hands up over her head as they posed for a sweet family photo inside their Nashville home. Drew appeared to be biting her lower lip and staring at the camera, while her parents both smiled.

However, the little girl gave the camera a big grin in the short video that Shawn included in her post. The tot was shown toddling around near the living room as her mom and dad chased her.

In her caption, Shawn asked her fans to share their own ideas for Halloween costumes.

One follower suggested she and her hubby could dress up like two of the Justice League's other superhero members. Shawn liked another commenter's three little bears idea, along with circus-inspired costumes and a theme based on her and her spouse's athletic backgrounds.

"Circus! Ringmaster, strongest man, and lion!" read one of the suggestions.

"You are a gymnast, he is a football player, she is a gold medal — Biggest 'win' in life," another fan wrote.

"Y'all could be The Incredibles," a third person chimed in.

"I think Drew would be a really cute Pebbles Flintstone and you and Andrew as Wilma and Fred," a fourth commenter remarked.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Shawn described her adorable daughter as her "spirit animal" in another Instagram post that featured a gorgeous family photo.