'Vikings: Valhalla': The Netflix Spinoff Series Is Temporarily Halted After Coronavirus Testing

According to The Irish Times, false positive results from coronavirus testing done on set for Netflix's Vikings spinoff show, Vikings: Valhalla, has caused filming to be halted temporarily.

It is believed that "a dozen crew and cast members tested positive for coronavirus," causing work to stop at Ashford Studios, where the original History Channel series was also filmed. The outlet stated that cast and crew members are tested "several times per week" for COVID-19. Those who are working full-time are believed to be staying together in one location to further maintain a safety bubble regarding the contagious virus.

It was because of this vigorous testing system that a delay was caused on Monday and Tuesday, after a variety of positive readings came back from a private clinic. After these individuals were placed into quarantine, a secondary test was done which came back negative. It is believed the first tests should now be considered "false positives."

"Earlier this week, we received a number of false positive test results which caused us to pause production on Monday and Tuesday," an undisclosed source said.

"Once the false positive results were confirmed, we were cleared to go back into production on Wednesday."

Katheryn Winnick stars asLagertha in History Channel's 'Vikings'
History Channel | Jonathan Hession

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Netflix announced late last year that they had greenlit Vikings: Valhalla. Set some 100 years after the events currently unfolding in the original series, it features a new group of characters, including the Vikings Leif Erikson, Freydis, and Harald Harada. In addition, the Norman king William the Conqueror will also feature. The Irish Times also gave the first casting announcement with German actor Yvonne Mai cast as a character called Merin and Irish actor Bill Murphy as Odgar. As yet, no further details regarding these characters have been released.

Early production had begun in County Wicklow when the coronavirus pandemic hit, causing filming to stop. A new schedule then saw filming recommencing in August. Since then, work has been forging ahead as fans of the original show anxiously await further news on the 24 episodes already ordered by the streaming giant.

Currently, there is no set schedule regarding when Vikings: Valhalla will be released. According to the Netflix website, the series is listed as "coming soon," although originally there had been suggestions that it would air in 2021. Since the current pandemic, it seems likely that this unconfirmed and estimated timeframe could be pushed to a later date. This means viewers will just have to wait for a further announcement regarding the new show.