October 8, 2020
George Clooney Turns Up In New Season 3 Trailer For 'The Conners'

George Clooney made a surprise cameo in an extended promo for the third season of The Conners.

In a new, pandemic-themed trailer for the Roseanne spinoff, patriarch Dan Conner (John Goodman) was seen telling his family that Wellman Plastics, his late wife and sister-in-law's former employer, was hiring 200 employees during the health crisis.

It was then that Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) recalled her former factory foreman, Booker Brooks, and how much he resembled the Oscar-winning actor.

"The supervisor looked just like George Clooney," she said of her time at the plant, as a clip from a 1988 Roseanne episode threw back to a scene featuring Jackie and Booker flirting during a group bowling date.

"Man, I shoulda hit that until I broke it!" present-day Jackie then said of her ex-boss in the clip, which can be seen below.

Of course, fans know that Cooney really did play Booker in the early seasons of the show before leaving to find superstardom on the medical drama ER and on the big screen. The up-and-coming actor was in his late 20s when he played the Wellman Plastics supervisor and Jackie's short-lived love interest for 11 episodes on Roseanne between 1998 and 1991.

There has been no official announcement that Clooney, now 59, will appear as a guest star on the upcoming season of The Conners, and it's pretty unlikely that he would agree to it. But producers would surely welcome him back to the fold with open arms if he wanted to revisit his roots.

Showrunner Bruce Helford previously admitted as much in a call with reporters when talking about the Roseanne revival two years ago.

"We'd certainly love to see George Clooney," he said, per Good Housekeeping. "I am not promising anything as far as that, but he was an important part of the show in the very beginning."

George Clooney at a movie premiere.
Getty Images | Stewart Cook

Clooney was reportedly a prankster when he was working on the set of the ABC sitcom. He later said series star Roseanne Barr was "unbelievably kind" to him at a time when no one was, per People.

While the new trailer for the sitcom did go on to tease that Conner sisters Darlene (Sara Gilbert) and Becky (Lecy Goranson) do end up getting jobs at the Lanford-based plastics factory this season, there's no guarantee that Clooney's character is still a boss there.

In fact, fans of the original Roseanne series may recall that male-chauvinist Keith Faber (Fred Dalton Thompson) took over as a supervisor after Booker left the factory, causing Roseanne and her crew to quit their longtime line jobs.