Whitney Johns Shakes Her Sculpted Booty In Thong Bikini While Devouring A Chicken Drumstick

Whitney Johns clicks a selfie
Whitney Johns / Instagram

Whitney Johns thrilled her 548,000 Instagram followers on Wednesday afternoon with a video clip that flaunted her incredible physique, as well as her love for eating meat, as proclaimed in the caption. The gorgeous fitness model and weightlifting competitor gyrated in front of the camera wearing a tiny bikini and nibbled on a snack.

The post racked up almost 10,500 likes in the first several hours after it was posted.

Whitney mentioned in the caption that although she is a lifelong carnivore, her personal training plans can be altered for those with different dietary needs. She also tagged Australian brand Kristen Lonie Swimwear for her ensemble.

Whitney’s bathing suit featured a simple, yet revealing design in a deep wine color that looked stunning against her golden tan. The top had narrow cups that barely contained her voluptuous breasts. The bottoms had a ruched detailing up the center of the back to further accentuate the rounded shape of each cheek.

The still image that introduced the clip pictured Whitney standing outdoors in a well-enclosed backyard. She was drenched in bright afternoon sunshine streaming in a cloudless blue sky. One side of a swimming pool and a blue Styrofoam floatie were visible behind her.

The camera appeared to be balanced on a wooden deck, which took up a lower portion of the screen, but did not block the view of her amazing figure. She stood with her left side facing the camera, giving a perfect view of her remarkably pert derriere.

Whitney’s dark hair was parted off-center and styled in loose waves that blew gently in the breeze.

She held a grilled drumstick in her right hand, and gazed down at it with intent. Her left arm was relaxed at her side.

At the beginning of the sultry video, Whitney was actively chewing as she shook her hips back and forth and comically matched the movement of her lower body with the piece of chicken, which she brandished in front of her.

She took a bite as she turned forward for a few moments, showing off her insanely ripped abdominal muscles.

As the clip ended, she flipped around to put her backside on full display.

Whitney’s Instagram followers loved her post and flooded the comments section almost immediately.

Fellow fitness model Holly Barker was one of the first to leave a comment.

“Chicken for the win!!” she exclaimed, adding a series of heart-eye emoji, as well as a drumstick and a little chick.

“Let’s grill this weekend,” suggested Whitney in response.