Hannah Brown & Tyler Cameron Spill The Tea On Their Post-'Bachelorette' Relationship

The Bachelorette fans are finally getting a chance to hear directly from Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron about their relationship. "Tannah" supporters have always held out hope that the two might try dating again, and now, the two are addressing where things stand between them.

On Tuesday, Hannah uploaded a video to her new YouTube channel about the matter. She and Tyler did the video together and promised to be open with their fans.

Hannah and Tyler took everybody back to when they first reconnected after quite a few months of not talking to one another. It seemed that as soon as he was spotted with Gigi Hadid last year, right after the finale of her season, there was no communication between them until his mother got sick.

She noted that despite the friction between them, she'd stayed close to his mom, Andrea Cameron. Hannah said they chatted weekly via Instagram, and when she stopped hearing from Andrea, she got worried. That was when she looked at Tyler's social media and learned that something had happened to Andrea. Unfortunately, she soon passed away.

After hesitating a bit, Hannah reached out to Tyler and they talked for quite a while. The day after that, her brother Patrick overdosed. The two leaned on one another, and they both acknowledged in the clip that they came together through their shared trauma.

She attended the memorial for his mother, and that weekend went really well. She then went to Alabama to be with her family, and he returned to New York where he'd been living. However, Tyler's agent told him with the building coronavirus pandemic, he should get out of NYC.

Tyler returned to Florida, and after a night of drinking with friends, he reached out to Hannah and asked her to head back to his place. They both thought the lockdown would be perhaps two weeks long or so, and they decided they wanted to work through what was going on between them.

Unfortunately, the two said, it was a pressure cooker while she was in Florida. Fans and media found out she was there, so there was a lot of pressure on them and very little privacy. Tyler noted that they know they played into it, starting the Quarantine Crew TikTok and teasing The Bachelorette followers.

However, the reality of how things were going was quite different from how it all looked on social media. Interestingly, they said that they slept in the same bed for 18 days while she was there, but they never kissed. They were working on a friendship, but there were days they weren't even speaking to one another.

Hannah ended up feeling a little stuck. Due to the coronavirus, she couldn't just head home to Los Angeles. She noted that she has narcolepsy, so it was out of the question for her to do a long drive by herself. Soon, she connected with someone from her hometown who was also in Jupiter, and the two drove to Alabama.

Tyler and Hannah admitted that on that last day before she left, they weren't very nice to one another. It seems they left things like that for a while, but she reached out again recently after seeing a YouTube video he uploaded on his new channel. He was cold toward her, but she tried again a little further down the road.

Since then, Tyler and Hannah have had some great phone calls and have gradually rebuilt a good friendship. He's been in California for some projects, and they have spent time catching up in-person. They said they're both in healthier places now and that they care about one another a lot. They're proceeding on their own terms, without any pressure.

What does that mean for "Tannah" supporters? The Bachelorette stars were a bit flirty and clearly quite comfortable with one another as they filmed this chat. In addition, they both seemed open to acknowledging their past mistakes.

They said that right now, they're trying to be cool with being friends. Could there be more? It sounded as if they were both open to the possibility, but they're not trying to rush into anything or force it. For now, people will have to stay tuned to see what comes next.