October 8, 2020
Spoilers For Wednesday's 'General Hospital': Jason Moves Forward & Willow Seeks Clarification

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday's episode promise juicy developments that fans will not want to miss. Not only is Jackie's return to Port Charles slated to cause some chaos, but Jason is ready to start moving ahead with his new plan to take down Cyrus. In addition, Willow will need to have a chat with Michael and teasers suggest the October 7 show will contain drama on a few other fronts as well.

Jason has coordinated with Sonny to attack Cyrus from some different angles. They talked with Brando about having him essentially infiltrate Cyrus' mob organization and the sneak peek for Wednesday's show shared via Twitter revealed another piece of this developing puzzle.

At some point, Jason will approach Britt, the new chief of staff of General Hospital. He'll mention something to her and it seems his goal is to see how she reacts.

He'll note that whatever he proposes shouldn't be an issue for her, challenging her to disagree.

The caption for the preview suggests Jason will be trying to get under Britt's skin. He might be trying to determine how tight she is with Cyrus.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Jason will also have a chat with Epiphany. He'll urge her to lay low, which is likely a caution for her to stay out of the line of fire when it comes to both Britt and Cyrus.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Willow will connect with Michael for a chat. Spoilers suggest she will want to talk about the possibility of adopting Wiley, hoping to ensure she and Michael are on the same page with this.

Michael asked her to consider adopting Wiley and she got some valuable support from Carly on the topic. What Willow may want to do, however, is try to ensure that her somewhat undefined relationship with Michael isn't a factor in whether she formally adopts Wiley.

Valentin and Sasha will talk. Teasers hint she'll reveal at least some of the challenges she's navigating right now and he'll push back against something she says. Depending on how this conversation goes, she may fall deeper into her spiral of despair and drug use.

Olivia will blast Ned, questioning how he could possibly think she'd have slept with Robert.

Brook Lynn will seemingly start to move ahead with her plan, which appears to involve using Amy's singing to secretly keep her own singing career moving forward.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Wednesday's episode could be a wild one. Jackie's return is said to be tied to some major action in the weeks ahead and the Cyrus situation is getting more intense by the day. All signs point toward some major bombshells dropping during the coming weeks and fans won't want to miss a minute of what's on the way.