Kindly Myers Sizzles In A Snakeskin-Print Bikini & Lounges In A Swing Chair: ‘I Kind Of Like It Now’

Kindly Myers snaps a selfie.
Kindly Myers / Instagram

Model Kindly Myers shared a new photo on her Instagram page on Wednesday that immediately raised heart rates among her followers. She wore a high-waisted snakeskin-print bikini as she posed outdoors and her fans had a lot to say about it.

The two-piece swimsuit was from the Shein line and appeared to be the same one she modeled in another recent post. In that case, she stood in the pool and displayed her dripping-wet physique for everybody to appreciate. Luckily, she changed things up just enough for this new upload to give her fans plenty of new angles to appreciate.

In this case, Kindly sat in a dark brown wicker teardrop swing chair. Soft tan-colored cushions were placed under her booty and behind her back and she looked as if she was quite comfortable in this setting. It appeared that the chair was placed a few feet away from the swimming pool where she had posed for her previous photo.

Kindly pulled one leg up and balanced her heel on the edge of the chair in front of her. The toes of her other foot were pointed and pressed lightly against the round stand of the swing.

The model’s blond hair tumbled over her shoulders in loose waves. She rested one hand against her tresses, a tattoo on her inner wrist visible for people to see.

The Playboy stunner then placed her other hand on the seat cushion between her legs, her fingertips wrapped around the frame of the swing. Kindly had her eyes nearly closed and threw a sultry facial expression toward the photographer.

The rays of sunshine mixed with shadows to beautifully accentuate Kindly’s curves. Her fit physique was highlighted as she flexed and raised her hand to her hair and showed off her muscular legs.

The bikini top revealed an immense amount of cleavage and Kindly’s toned midriff was visible in this position as well.

The 35-year-old Playboy model’s 2.1 million Instagram followers had plenty to say about this sexy upload. Nearly 10,000 likes and 200 comments poured in during the first few hours after Kindly shared this snapshot. The emoji were plentiful as fans utilized a variety of icons like hearts and fire to signal their appreciation for this look.

“You’re looking beautiful this morning,” one fan noted.

“OMG what a stunning beautiful woman,” shared another.

“You’re so damn sexy hot,” praised one impressed follower.

“Another amazingly gorgeous photo of you, very very sexie gorgeous, your beauty is so so stunning!!” someone else declared.

Kindly’s way of combining a relaxing setting, a sultry vibe, and a sexy ensemble seemed to be a winner with her appreciative followers.