Donald Trump Slams ‘Wacko’ Joe Biden, Says Media Ignores ‘His Very Low IQ’

President Donald Trump speaks to reporters on his way to Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House.
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In a tweet published on Wednesday, President Donald Trump took aim at Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Describing Biden as a “wacko,” Trump alleged that the press is whitewashing the former Delaware senator’s record to help him win the 2020 presidential election.

“He’s been a wacko for years, and everyone knows it. The Lamestream Media is stuck with him and they are just now trying to clean up his act. Notice how all of the bad things, like his very low IQ, are no longer reported?”

Trump was responding to an article from Fox News reporter Joseph A. Wulfsohn.

Wulfsohn wrote about Biden’s behavior at a recent campaign event in Miami, Florida.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters at the Little Haiti Cultural Center, Biden made what some saw as an inappropriate remark about two young girls.

As he was wrapping up his speech, Biden joked “the good news is, for me, I’m here. The bad news for you is I’m coming back.”

“And I want to see these beautiful young ladies — I want to see them dancing when they’re four years older too,” he said, prompting laughter.

Footage of Biden’s remarks recorded from another angle showed that he was addressing what seem to be two very young girls. The brief video clip quickly went viral of social media, with critics describing the Democrat’s behavior as “creepy.”

When asked to comment on the story, the Biden campaign provided a link to Article II of the United States Constitution, which states, “He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years.”

Numerous Twitter users slammed the story, claiming it was obvious Biden was simply remarking that he’d like to return while campaigning after his first term as president and would like to see the same level of support.

Biden has previously been accused of inappropriate behavior. As Business Insider reported, eight women have said that the Democratic nominee violated their space or touched them inappropriately.

In March 2019, Nevada Democrat Lucy Flores said that Biden kissed her without consent.

One month later, former Democratic staffer Ally Coll said that Biden embraced her and held her “too long.” Activists Sofie Karasek and Amy Stokes Lappos made similar allegations.

Caitlyn Caruso said that the former vice president put his hand on her thigh at an event. D.J. Hill accused him of unwarranted touching as well.

Following this avalanche of accusations, the Democrat released an apology, promising to be more mindful of personal space in the future.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden speaks during a campaign event to launch a train campaign tour at Cleveland Amtrak Station in Cleveland, Ohio.
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In March this year, former Senate aide Tara Reade alleged that the former Delaware senator sexually assaulted her in 1993, while she worked for him.

Dozens of women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct, according to The Independent.