Anne Heche Reportedly ‘Furious’ Over ‘DWTS’ Elimination On Same Night She Shared Ellen DeGeneres Love Story

The actress was sent home minutes after she shared a deeply personal story about gay pride.

Ellen DeGeneres with Anne Heche at the 49th Emmy Awards
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The actress was sent home minutes after she shared a deeply personal story about gay pride.

Anne Heche was reportedly “furious” about how her elimination played out on Dancing with the Stars.

An insider told Page Six that after the 51-year-old actress was eliminated from the ABC celebrity ballroom competition, alongside pro partner Keo Motsepe, she stormed off the set and refused to do post-show interviews. Heche, instead, drove herself out of the studio lot following her chaotic elimination reveal.

“Anne was not happy — she was furious. She drove off the lot and refused to do any press,” the source told the outlet.

Heche’s exit came after host Tyra Banks bungled the names of the bottom two contestants — and also after she shared a deeply personal story about her love affair with talk show star Ellen DeGeneres more than 20 years ago.

Ahead of her powerful paso doble with Motsepe, set to Katy Perry’s “Rise,” she opened up about her romance with DeGeneres, whom she dated from 1997 to 2000.

In an interview package that aired during the ABC show, Heche alleged her relationship with DeGeneres cost her her career after she brought her to the premiere of her movie Volcano in 1997. The actress revealed she was ushered out by security before the movie ended and was even uninvited to the after-party for the film she starred in.

The blacklisting lasted for a decade, but 20 years later, Heche appeared in the DWTS ballroom in a rainbow-colored pride flag ensemble as she proudly celebrated how far things have come for gay couples.

Keo Motsepe and Anne Heche on Dancing With the Stars
  Eric McCandless / ABC

Heche’s stunning dance received an impressive 21 points, but it wasn’t enough to keep her in the competition.

Banks’ results blunder resulted in a rushed goodbye to the actress as she was told her Dancing with the Stars days were done.

Heche confirmed to Page Six that she was not pleased with her ending on DWTS after sharing her history with DeGeneres and the stigma surrounding it at the time.

“The honest truth is that it took 20 years to process and share that story, so finally, telling it and being voted off on the same night was not the best feeling.”

She added that it did feel good to tell her story as a way to show that “we have come a long way, and we see things with more acceptance now — even though we are not all the way there yet.”

Heche added it is important “to recognize how far we have come.” She noted she lives her life in love and truth and stands up for the same things today that she did two decades ago.