Sarah Harris Rocks A Black Thong Bikini & Furry Hat While Hitting The Hot Tub

Amanda Lynne

New Zealand smokeshow Sarah Harris opted to show off some major skin in her latest Instagram snap, posted on Tuesday night. The model let it all hang out in a black bikini as she hit the hot tub. The photo can be seen by following her Instagram account.

Sarah rocked a lumberjack look, accessorizing with a furry hat with ear flaps as well as a discarded red-checkered, flannel shirt that rested next to her.

Her tight, black bikini top clung tightly to her chest and it showed off her muscular back, as well as her toned arms and shoulders. The matching thong bottoms were cut high on her curvy hips and wrapped snugly around her slim waist as they flaunted her thighs and perfectly rounded booty. Her flat tummy was also highlighted in the snap.

Sarah posed with both of her legs in the hot tub. She placed her hands in front of her as she leaned forward and arched her back. She pushed her posterior out and looked over her shoulder with a sultry expression on her face. In the background of the photo, tons of lush, green foliage could be seen.

Sarah's long, blond hair was mostly covered up by her warm winter hat. However, some of her locks spilled out in loose waves that fell down her shoulders and lightly brushed against her back.

Sarah's over 2.2 million followers wasted no time sharing their appreciation for the post by clicking the like button more than 8,900 times within the first 14 hours after it was uploaded to her feed. Her admirers also hit up the comments section to leave over 220 remarks on the pic during that time.

"You're the most beautiful lady in the world," one follower declared.

"Wow magnificent photo, you are a wonderful woman, radiant the most beautiful and perfect lady, you look tremendously sexy," another gushed.

"Absolutely love both you and your Shares Many thanks," a third comment read.

"Simple and beautiful," a fourth social media user wrote.

The model doesn't appear to have any qualms when it comes to showing some skin in her online snaps. She's often seen rocking racy bathing suits, revealing lingerie, tight tops, and more.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sarah most recently piqued the attention of her followers when she wore a skimpy, black crop top that exposed her underboob, and a pair of matching bikini bottoms while lounging next to a wood-burning stove. To date, that post has pulled in more than 15,000 likes and over 320 comments.