WWE News: ‘Raw’ Superstar Reveals He Recently Underwent Arm Surgery

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Just weeks after his Viking Raiders teammate Ivar suffered an injury that could take him out of action for an extended period of time, Monday Night Raw superstar Erik announced this week that he also underwent surgery to address some lingering arm problems.

On Tuesday, Erik took to Twitter to reveal that he had an operation to remove a surgical screw that had previously been placed in his “cyborg arm.” While he didn’t provide any information on when he will be able to return to the ring, he explained that he had been wrestling through the pain and dealing with other “limitations” that were caused by the previous procedure. He concluded his post by thanking his doctor and saying that he’s looking forward to coming back “at full strength.”

As explained by Wrestling Inc., the “left over hardware” Erik referred to in his post might be a reference to the injuries he suffered — including a broken arm — following a “serious” motorcycle accident in 2014.

Erik (L) and Ivar (R) of The Viking Raiders pose in the ring after defeating a pair of local talents.

This marks the second time in less than a month that a Viking Raiders member has had to undergo surgery for one reason or another. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Ivar suffered a neck injury on the September 7 episode of Monday Night Raw after he dove outside the ring and landed awkwardly during a match against The Hurt Business. While initial backstage reports suggested that he was suffering from a less serious cervical issue and would recover soon, it was ultimately revealed that Ivar would need to have neck surgery and might be out of action until next year.

In addition to the possibility that Ivar might be away for an extended period of time, Dave Meltzer also suggested last month on Wrestling Observer Radio that his absence might have a negative impact on Erik’s push going forward. According to Meltzer, WWE tends to “send [a] guy home” or have them continually lose matches in singles action for the duration of their tag team partner’s absence, even if lasts up to a year.

In the weeks since Ivar injured his neck, Erik was indeed booked to lose in regular singles matches, as he was defeated by Bobby Lashley on the September 14 edition of Raw. While he has gotten more exposure as of late on “Raw Underground,” he hasn’t had much success either on the fight club segment, as he lost two consecutive matches against fellow red brand mid-carder Riddick Moss.