Ana Cheri Shakes Her Booty With Bevy Of Bikini-Clad Models Whose Moves Get Ridiculed By Instagram Users

Ana and her fellow models participated in a silly social media challenge.

Ana Cheri on stage during the official weigh-in at T-Mobile Arena - Toshiba Plaza
Christian Petersen / Getty Images

Ana and her fellow models participated in a silly social media challenge.

Ana Cheri surrounded herself with scantily-clad models to put on a show in her latest update posted on Tuesday, but some of her Instagram followers were less than impressed with the women’s performance.

On Tuesday, the former Playboy Playmate shared some entertaining footage from her trip to the Maldives. The fitness influencer was joined by a large group of other women with huge social media followings, and all of them performed a similar dance in various locations.

The first shot was filmed on a covered deck in front of a round lounger swing. TikTok star Kristen Hancher placed her hands up against a wooden column and jutted her right hip out repeatedly, rotating her knee at the same time. She wore a pair of denim shorts, a blue patterned string bikini top, and a matching cropped shirt and hair scarf.

Model Sarai Rollins stood behind her. She sported a strappy, terracotta-colored bikini and mirrored sunglasses. She was the only member of the group who wasn’t barefoot, opting to rock a pair of ivory stiletto sandals with ankle ties. She did a more dramatic version of the same dance move, but she placed both her hands on her knees. The models behind her mimicked the move. Hope Beel sported a pink two-piece, while Jade Ramey wore a yellow thong bikini. She placed both hands on her fellow fitness model’s right shoulder as she danced.

Ana appeared in the next shot. She rocked a sheer, neon orange cover-up over her swimsuit. The garment had high slits on the sides that showcased her toned thighs. She danced on an outdoor daybed, where she was joined by two companions. Kelsie Jean Smeby rocked a mini dress that was the same vibrant color as Ana’s longer garment, while Tiffany Keller wore a strappy coral two-piece.

The next scene showed Desiree Schlotz and Anna Durkin sporting similar black string bikinis as they moved and grooved on a short set of stairs. Kristy Chan, who was clad in a pink swimsuit, crouched down at the top of the stairs and twerked along with them.

Ana took center stage for the final shot, which showed a massive group of gorgeous women crowding together on the stairs and shaking their derrieres. In addition to the aforementioned models, the dancers included Kayla Fitzgerald and Cameron Valentina Eyre.

Many of Ana’s followers weren’t impressed with her and her friends’ dancing.

“This is the most uncoordinated thing I’ve seen,” wrote one critic.

“What in the name of epileptic seizures is going on here?” another remark read.

“A lot of Bob’s Burgers Tina Belcher’s rhythm there,” quipped a third commenter.

“Looks like they have an itch they can’t scratch,” a fourth person added.

However, the social media stars were simply copying a dance featured in a viral video. According to GQ, the leg-shaking move was first performed by one of the young stars of the educational children’s TV series Hip Hop Harry. The song that he was grooving to, “Go Go Go Who’s Next?,” has become a massively popular TikTok sound.