Suzy Cortez Flaunts Famous Buns While Wearing Skintight Hot Pants In Front Of A Full-Length Mirror

Suzy Cortez takes a selfie
Suzy Cortez / Instagram

Instagram model Suzy Cortez delighted her 2.4 million followers with her latest picture, which showed off her famous derriere. The update, posted on Tuesday, October 6, saw the celebrity standing in front of a full-length mirror while taking a selfie.

Suzy, posing side-on, opted to wear a pair of bright pink hot pants that clung to her form and highlighted her booty.

The Miss BumBum World 2019 titleholder teamed the short shorts with a tightly fitted yellow crop top, which only just covered her ample cleavage.

Her dark hair was styled in loose waves and casually hung down over her back as she turned and held up her phone in order to capture the selfie. She raised one leg slightly in order to further accentuate her chiseled physique, resting one hand on her toned thigh as she did so.

Behind Suzy, her bathroom was on display. A large variety of makeup and personal items were shown strewn across the white counter which was below a large mirror. However, for most of her fans, the priority was not the background of the shot.

As soon as she posted the image, her followers were quick to respond. Within 10 hours, the photo had already amassed 10,000 likes and plenty of comments from her dedicated supporters.

Many of the comments were in Spanish. The word “hermosa,” which means “beautiful” according to a Google translation, was used most often and was a definite indicator of how impressed Suzy’s fans were with her latest update.

“The queen of the world,” one follower wrote in the comments section.

“Suzy, you are so hot baby,” another person wrote, not only adding further commentary in Spanish but peppering their post with several emoji for further emphasis.

In fact, many of her followers opted to use emoji in order to avoid the language barrier and also convey how they felt about the image. The most popular symbols appeared to be the fire, heart, and heart-eye ones. However, considering the content, the peach and bomb were also used regularly.

Suzy frequently posts scantily clad updates that would be considered scandalous to some. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a share from earlier in the week saw her kneeling on all fours next to an in-ground swimming pool with her buns proudly on display. As to be expected, this instantly impressed her avid fans, who couldn’t wait to let their thoughts about the impressive image be known.