Rachel Cook Flaunts Her Cleavage In A Black Bikini Top As She Teasingly Chows On Bread

Model Rachel Cook attends L.A. Hearts + PacSun celebrate 2017 Spring Swimwear Collection at Delilah
Rochelle Brodin / Getty Images

Rachel Cook tantalized her Instagram followers with a new slate of sexy photos on Tuesday. The set of five uploads were teasers for the new issue of her online magazine Nirvana, and these sizzling-hot snaps surely nudged many of the model’s followers to seek out more.

Each of the pictures featured Rachel wearing a black bikini top as she sat at a table outdoors. Her shaded spot was next to a rock wall and some decorative clusters of greenery added a pop of color to the area. At a distance behind her, a glimmer of a body of water could be spotted along with some rocky cliffs.

The 23-year-old model had a pair of sunglasses pushed up atop her head, and she wore a delicate gold necklace and pendant. She left her short brunette curls in a natural style, with the wisps held back by her sunglasses. In addition, a tattoo on her forearm could be spotted in some photos.

In the initial snapshot, Rachel folded one arm on the table across her chest and held her other hand up to her forehead. She tilted her head and gazed directly toward the camera with a serious expression. The bikini top had double straps that crossed over her shoulders and allowed the buxom brunette to showcase plenty of deep cleavage.

The next photo showed Rachel teasingly pursing her lips as she looked at the photographer. She tugged at the straps of her top, a move that revealed a bit of underboob and pushed her breasts closer together.

Another shot showed her with a piece of bread, and it appeared that she was playfully preparing to kiss it. Next came a close-up look at Rachel’s face, with her stunning blue eyes popping from the shot. She held both hands up to her face, cupping it, and leaned forward as she rested her elbows on the table.

Finally, Rachel leaned back in her chair and took a big bite of bread. In her caption, he joked about her love for bread.

More than 50,000 of Rachel’s 2.9 million Instagram followers liked this post during the first couple of hours that it was on her page. Nearly 500 people also commented, and they had plenty of love to show her in response to these sexy snapshots.

“You have the most Beautiful Eyes,” one fan noted.

“You are absolutely beautiful,” another shared.

“I adore picture #4, because it clearly shows that you are as smart as you are beautiful,” someone praised.

Rachel has previously shown that her incredible physique looks stunning in a black bikini, as a recent video featured her flaunting her curves from every angle. This set of photos was more specific in focusing on her chest and face as she wore a different garment, but her fans certainly were plenty pleased with what she revealed.