Bruna Rangel Lima Gets Sultry Wearing Thong Daisy Dukes: ‘Let Me Give You A Hand’

Bruna Rangel Lima takes a selfie
Bruna Rangel Lima / Instagram

Bruna Rangel Lima took to her Instagram account on Tuesday afternoon with a racy snap that thrilled her 4.1 million followers.

The bikini and fitness model showcased her enviable physique wearing a skimpy outfit. In the caption, she coquettishly offered to lend some assistance to fans, and over 27,000 of which responded by hitting the “like” button in the first hour after the post was uploaded.

Bruna wore a pair of tiny denim shorts featuring a medium wash and a classic button fly. They dipped low in the center to expose her flat, toned belly. The enticing curve of her hips and backside swelled enticingly below the hem, which was cut nearly to the waistband on either side.

She paired the shorts with a white cotton tube top. It was pulled only halfway over her breasts to display the maximum amount of her ample assets as well as a hint of cleavage.

In a kitchen, Bruna sat on a plastic red step stool that had “Supreme” across the bottom in huge lettering. She leaned back and rested her left shoulder against the cabinet behind her. Both legs were extended in front of her body with her toes pointed.

Her right knee was slightly bent, and she rested the corresponding hand on her thigh, displaying short, manicured nails and a few bracelets around her wrist.

She grasped an enormous red pipe wrench casually in her left hand, which was relaxed next to her body. The pose lent a bit of humor to both her caption and to the message printed on her shirt. The words “kinda psycho” were written across the front in red, irregular lettering.

Bruna gazed at the camera with a sultry expression and parted lips. Her chestnut mane was parted in the center and draped over one shoulder in tidy curls.

She credited Los Angeles-based photographer Steve Edward for the saucy image.

Bruna’s Instagram followers loved the update and were quick to express their affection for the Brazilian-born beauty.

“Looks like I’m clogging the sink every night,” teased one fan.

“You are unbelievably amazing,” praised a second person.

“Woooow your hair in this!” raved a third supporter.

Last week, The Inquisitr reported on another sexy snap of Bruna wearing a sexy cut-out T-shirt that displayed tons of cleavage and a pair of skintight bicycle shorts. She posed outdoors in the sunshine and urged fans to have a good time. To date, the Instagram post has racked up over 64,000 likes.