Holly Sonders Bares Cleavage While Talking About Her Plastic Surgery

Holly Sonders competes at the Humana Challenge golf event
Todd Warshaw / Getty Images

Former Fox Sports host Holly Sonders looked stunning in a recent Instagram video where she opened up about cosmetic surgeries. In the clip, she wore a revealing low-cut top that accentuated her assets as she discussed going under the knife.

The 33-year-old has been in the spotlight for over a decade, and in this upload, she revealed why her appearance has changed so drastically over the years. Sonders looked gorgeous as she sat in front of a plush couch and a black wall that was adorned with chic artwork.

The fitness model had her long auburn hair parted and in curls that draped over her shoulders. She rocked an outfit that matched the motif of the room with a red halter top that had a plunging neckline, which embellished her ample assets. The television personality also wore a pair of dark jeans and accessorized with large hoop earrings and a gold bracelet on her right wrist.

Sonders started off the vid by opening up about undergoing plastic surgery. Fans had asked the well-known golfer why she looked so different from a decade ago. She admitted to having work done, but also mentioned that her face has changed with age.

“My nose. My eyes – the way they’re lifted. My lips. Some fillers you see in my face. Breasts obviously, and a little bit of lipo,” she told the camera.

The Michigan State University product said she was confused why more celebrities were not honest about their procedures. She mentioned that not all surgeons are created equal, and some facial work looks better than others.

“I wanted to be the one who was truthful about it,” Sonders said.

For the caption, Sonders spoke about trying to be forthright, and how she feels it is important for the mental well-being of people who may be insecure about their looks. Before uploading the footage on Monday, she asked followers to chime-in with their thoughts on whether they preferred a natural look.

Many of the golfer’s 479,000 Instagram followers noticed the revealing clip, and more than 2,600 showed their support by hitting the like button. Sonders received nearly 230 comments, as multiple Instagram users showed their gratitude for the post.

“Thanks for always being so open and honest! You’re the best Holly!” model Paige Spiranac commented.

“I really wish more women would do this. Thanks for your honesty!” a follower replied.

“I work at a plastic surgeons office and we truly believe in natural beauty and owning it!” one fan wrote.

“Ok, I love you even more now!” another added.

As covered by The Inquisitr, last week, Sonders flaunted her curves in multiple bikinis.