Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jackie Templeton’s Back In Port Charles & A Big Twist May Be Ahead

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General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s episode hint that there may be a significant bombshell coming for viewers. Kim Delaney has started her run on the show and a lot of fans think that she’ll soon reveal another key connection to someone in town.

When news first emerged that the actress would join the General Hospital cast, it wasn’t known for certain what character she would play. One common idea was that she would be Chase and Finn’s mom, and the timing would make sense considering the wedding on the way.

Then, however, Tristan Rogers (Robert) seemed to let the cat out of the bag. The buzz shifted to the idea that Kim would play Jackie, and on Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, that was confirmed.

Given the history around this character, that casting decision has the potential to spark a lot of juicy drama in Port Charles. However, it seems that the connection to Finn and Chase might soon be revealed as well.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Chase and Finn will meet up at the Metro Court during Wednesday’s show. Finn and Anna just spent a fair amount of time talking about their upcoming wedding, and she mentioned inviting his dad and stepmother.

General Hospital viewers have previously met his dad, but his stepmother has remained a mystery. Could Jackie be that stepmom?

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She met with Lulu at the Metro Court and ran into Robert as she was about to leave. General Hospital teasers suggest that she’ll end up running into Finn and Chase there too.

The sneak peek for the October 7 show shared that Robert will ask if two people know one another, and it seems likely he’s talking to Jackie and Finn here. The preview also showed Chase pointing out to Finn that he can hardly stand to be in the same room as “her.”

That certainly seems to signal that she will turn out to be Chase’s mother. The story so far has been that Finn disliked his stepmother because her relationship with his dad pushed his mom out of the picture. However, there has been speculation that it could turn out that Chase is Finn’s son, not his brother, and that Jackie hid this.

“So those previews pretty much confirm that Jackie is Chase’s mother. Who would’ve had that on their GH bingo card, Chase the son of Jackie Templeton,” one General Hospital fan wrote on Twitter.

“So this templeton lady is really chase’s mom Possibly she had with Dr Finn and passed it on as Finns father’s child,” someone else speculated on Twitter.

Another General Hospital viewer pointed out that there’s another connection she has to recent drama in Port Charles.

“I’m so glad Kim is playing Jackie Templeton. I always figured Jackie would be back ever since Shiloh mentioned to Sam that he knew her,” the person noted on Twitter.

It’s too soon to know exactly how crazy things will get with this character’s return. However, General Hospital spoilers signal that people will learn a lot more this week in what will likely be a juicy development.