October 8, 2020
Olympian Lolo Jones Flaunts Her Amazing Physique In Workout Gear As She Exercises Poolside

Lolo Jones is showing off her famous physique and giving fans some tips on how they can copy her Olympic-worthy workout.

The U.S. Olympian took to Instagram this week and shared a video of herself reclined on a mat set up by the side of a backyard pool. The clip shows her going through a series of exercises, and in the caption, she offered some detailed instructions on how fans could work out along with her. The intense regimen included planks, toe touches, glute raises, and a number of other blood-pumping exercises.

The video was a huge hit, racking up thousands of likes and a number of comments from supporters impressed by her physique and willing to give the workout a try.

"One of the most underrated athletes. Still goes in beast mode everyday. You go girl," one person commented.

Others praised her incredible work ethic, noting the incredible intensity of the poolside session.

"Nobody's gonna outwork her!" a user commented.

"You're so beautiful, and your dedication to fitness is unparalleled," another wrote, punctuating the comment with a fire emoji.

Followers of the Olympic athlete are used to seeing some intense exercises on her social media feed. Jones regularly shares posts showing off her weight-lifting sessions and other workouts, which are about more than just looking good for her social media followers. In an Instagram post earlier this year, Jones explained that she had aspirations of returning to the international scene to compete in track and field again, but things hit a snag with her training.

"I'm starting over. I took some time off when everything shut down. Exhausted," Jones wrote in the caption. "I had to take a step back and see if I could rally for another year in Track after the Olympics were postponed. So this is me. Starting again. From ground zero."

Jones's fans also get to see the fruits of her labor. Alongside the tutorials to help get her followers' blood flowing and tighten up their muscles, Jones also gives them some glimpses of the incredible physique she maintains at the age of 39, nearly 16 years after beginning her international athletic career. Earlier this month, she shared an Instagram post showing herself posing by the pool in an outfit paying tribute to video game character Lara Croft. Jones showed off her washboard abs along with her well-toned arms and legs in the shot, which captured some viral attention.