Whitney Johns Almost Spills Out Of Skimpy Monokini, Says She Never Knows What To Do With Her Hands

Whitney Johns clicks a selfie
Whitney Johns / Instagram

Fitness model Whitney Johns dropped jaws with her most recent Instagram update on Tuesday morning, sharing a sexy snap of herself in a revealing swimsuit that left little to the imagination. Her 548,000 social media supporters were thrilled by her appearance, and the post garnered nearly 8,000 likes and over 300 comments in the first hour after it was uploaded.

The stunning weightlifting and bikini competitor flaunted her amazing physique as she posed seductively for the camera. The image captured Whitney facing forward from the top of her head to just below her knees, putting her nearly naked body on full display.

She crossed her right leg in front of the other, which held most of her weight. The position offset her hips dramatically and activated the muscles in her left thigh and derriere, creating an alluring play of light and shadow across her trim physique.

Whitney joked in the caption that the snap was yet another example of a common modeling challenge — but her pose looked breathtaking. She bent her right elbow slightly and appeared to graze the corresponding hip with her open palm, displaying manicured nails and a series of thin silver bands on her fingers.

Her impressive abdominal muscles were flexed and led enticingly up to her curvaceous breasts, which threatened to fall out of Whitney’s stylish monokini.

The suit appeared to be one narrow strip of fabric that wrapped around the back of her neck and crossed over both breasts, seemingly attaching to the bottom at the small of her back.

Her left elbow pointed toward the ceiling, and she tousled the back of her dark hair, which cascaded over her shoulder in messy waves and framed one side of her striking features. She tipped her chin and gazed at the camera with bedroom eyes and lips slightly parted.

Whitney credited Los Angeles-based Studio977 for the sizzling image. She also tagged sunless tanning product A Bronz Tail in the caption.

“Who’s looking at your hands?” teased one fan, who added a crying-laughing emoji to emphasize the joke.

“OKAY mama!! This probably is my fav photo of you,” declared a second person, following the compliment with flame, devil, and applause symbols.

“Such an Absolutely Phenomenally Gorgeously sculpted Rockn physique, Wowza such Dedication and Determination and Motivation to look Amazing,” gushed a third fan, dotting the comment with a bevy of affectionate emoji throughout.

“This suit. The girl. The tan. That bawdy! Woah!” raved a fourth supporter.

Most fans elected not to convey their feelings in words but chose to use symbols to express their adoration. Most prolific in this post seemed to be heart-eyes and flames.