Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Obrecht’s Plan May Hit A Snag While Ned & Alexis Have A Secret

Kathleen Gati plays Dr. Liesl Obrecht on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

Secrets will be causing concern during Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers reveal that viewers will find out just how inappropriate things got between Ned and Alexis after they drunkenly left the Floating Rib together. In addition, Obrecht will speak to Dr. Kirk in Geneva, and it seems that she will have reason to question his allegiance.

The General Hospital sneak peek shared via Twitter for the October 6 show reveals some juicy tidbits regarding what’s ahead. Ned will be at Alexis’ place, and he’ll ask if they can keep something between themselves. Given what happened while they were still at the bar together, many General Hospital fans have guessed that they might end up in bed together.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Alexis will face some regret during Tuesday’s show. These General Hospital teasers certainly seem to suggest that Ned and Alexis crossed a line that could cause a lot of chaos for both of them. Granted, Alexis also just threw away her sobriety as this played out, and she will surely have significant regrets over that, too.

In addition, Brook Lynn will see an opportunity of some sort — the preview suggests this is related to Julian. According to the sneak peek, she’ll meet up with Julian at Charlie’s, and he’ll apparently be less than cordial. Nikolas will happen to overhear or see some of this, and he’ll come to her defense. Could she try to use either Julian or Nikolas to help her land on her feet again?

General Hospital spoilers share that Obrecht will talk with Dante’s doctor in Geneva. Viewers recently learned that Dante’s been under Obrecht’s control, not that of the WSB, and she is secretly sending him on a mission to investigate Peter. The sneak peek shows her talking to Dr. Kirk and asking him if he’s less inclined to help her for some reason.

Teasers have suggested that Dante will arrive back in Port Charles very soon, and his arrival will surely be a surprise to Sonny, Olivia, and Lulu. As for Lulu, she’ll begin her deep dive into trying to expose Cyrus. She’s beginning an exposé via The Invader, and the buzz is that quite soon she’ll receive some help from an experienced national journalist.

The October 6 episode will also show Ava facing demands from Ryan at Pentonville as Carly has a chat with Willow. Spoilers signal that this conversation is probably about Michael’s request that Willow formally adopt Wiley, and there are some signs that she might realize she has reservations about this.

Finn and Anna will spend some time together, and Robert will pop up in some way as well. General Hospital teasers promise juicy developments, and fans won’t want to miss this one.