October 8, 2020
Shirtless Chris Evans Shows Off His Superhero Physique, Chest Tattoos As He Does A Backflip Into His Pool

Chris Evans is taking one last dip in his pool before shutting it down while giving fans a rare look at his chest tattoos that have been the subject of speculation in the past.

The actor took to Instagram on Tuesday with a video of himself standing at the edge of his backyard swimming pool. In the clip, shared in his Instagram stories, he noted that he was taking a "last swim before the pool hibernates," adding that the water was freezing and cracking a joke about his pale skin tone. After bouncing a few times while standing in place and glancing behind himself to check the distance, the shirtless Evans swung his arms in front and did a standing backflip into the water.

As he splashed down, his dog, Dodger, ran to the side of the water to check on the actor.

The shirtless look at the Captain America star, which showed off his rippled physique, attracted some immediate viral interest. Many took to Twitter to share the video, making his name a trending topic and attracting a number of gushing comments about his athleticism.

Some wished that the quality of the clip could have been just a bit better, as it appeared to have been taken from across the backyard.

"setting up a gofundme to get chris evans a new phone with better quality so he can retake THAT video," one user tweeted.

Many were happy at the glimpse of the shirtless actor and all his tattoos.

"The fact that Chris Evans's torso is covered in tattoos and we never get to see them clearly is simply a crime against humanity. Someone charge this man," a fan tweeted.

Chris Evans attends the premiere of Marvel's
Getty Images | Mark Davis

As The Inquisitr reported, Evans has drawn viral interest from past Instagram posts that gave followers a look at his well-toned physique and chest tattoos. Last month, he gave fans a glimpse of the ink on his left pectoral, which until that point had only been seen in small part in paparazzi photos. The picture from September showed that it appeared to be some sort of large bird of prey, which sparked speculation among fans that it was inspired by his affinity for Eastern philosophy. Some believed that the ink represented Garuda, a golden-winged bird from Buddhist tradition.

The clip posted on Tuesday again revealed the chest tattoo and others spread across his midsection, though the long range of the shot made it difficult to make out exactly what they represented.