Alexa Collins Is Festival-Ready In Sheer Crop Top With Lacy Bra & Tight Jeans

Alexa Collins snaps a selfie.
Alexa Collins / Instagram

Alexa Collins showed fans what she would wear to a festival in a stunning new Instagram share Tuesday. She posted a few photos of herself rocking a sheer crop top with a colorful bra underneath and skintight jeans that hugged her curvy figure. Her ensemble did nothing but favors for her killer physique.

The model’s look included a bright orange, lacy bra with a low-cut neckline that squeezed her ample cleavage. The name of the lingerie’s manufacturer, Lounge, could be seen on its band in white lettering.

The trim of the lingerie stuck out beneath a black-and-white striped shirt with long puffy sleeves and a see-through material that did little to cover the bright bra. The tie at the front of the top was long enough to reach the front of her legs, exposing Alexa’s toned stomach on either side of the knot tails.

Meanwhile, on the bottom, she wore a pair of light-wash denim jeans with a high waistband that hugged her hourglass figure. The rest of the material clung to her shapely legs.

Alexa completed the ensemble with a butterfly necklace, silver hoops, and a tan floppy hat over her straight blond locks.

The images showed Alexa standing in what looked to be a living room. A coffee table and a dark brown couch could be seen in the background, as well as a Gucci surfboard and plants surrounding a fireplace. Bright natural light illuminated Alexa from off camera and highlighted her tan skin.

In the first image, she stood with her weight on one hip as she pulled one pocket down with her thumb. She angled her shoulders and stared at the camera with a sultry stare.

The second image showed the model turned to the side slightly in the same position, though this time she pulled down part of her hat with one hand. She playfully stuck her tongue out and winked while looking off camera.

In the caption, she asked fans if they remembered festivals.

The post received more than 6,700 likes and 120 comments in an hour as fans showered her with compliments.

“Never saw beauties like you at any festivals I have been to,” one fan wrote.

“Always beautiful with amazing poses,” another user added with a red heart.

“Totally gorgeous. Simply amazing,” a third person wrote.

Alexa’s dedicated followers may recognize her lingerie, as she rocked the same piece with matching undies in her previous post. That share received more than 24,000 likes.