Stephanie Sanzo Gives A Show Of Her Insane Strength & Fabulous Physique In New Upper Body Workout

Stephanie Sanzo takes a mirror selfie while at the gym.
Stephanie Sanzo / Instagram

Fitness model Stephanie Sanzo posted a new workout video series to social media platform Instagram on Tuesday, October 6, in which she flaunted her muscular physique and showed off her insane strength with a set of upper body exercises.

The model wore a matching sports bra and leggings outfit in a pale green color that was decorated with a floral pattern in various colors. The top included a racer-style back and thin straps that drew the eye to her muscular arms, shoulders, and back. A strip of chiseled abdomen could also be seen in the gap between the top and bottoms. The leggings rose high on Stephanie’s hips while exposing her navel and extended to her ankles, giving way to a pair of white-and-blue sneakers. The spandex material contoured to the curves of her hips, backside, and legs.

Stephanie accessorized with a gold pendant necklace and styled her long, blond tresses in one braid that trailed down her back to her waist. For some of the moves, Stephanie added a set of black elbow compression sleeves and wrist weights.

The upper body routine took place in a gym setting where Stephanie made use of a variety of equipment, ranging from free weights to specialized machines. She demonstrated six moves that were each featured in an individual clip in the post.

The first exercise in the circuit was the close grip bench press, which was not shown in the post. The first slide featured the second move in the routine, which was called the Viking press. Stephanie used a weight machine with two silver tubes that she pushed up toward the ceiling in repetitive movements. She completed a set of T-bar bent-over rows next, followed by the EZ bar overhead extension, which required the use of a barbell. The fourth slide showed the EZ bar close grip pushup performed from the floor. The final two moves were the incline chest supported DB reverse fly and the seated DB lateral raise.

In the caption of the post, Stephanie wrote out the number of reps and sets trainees should complete for each exercise. She also penned an inspirational message about strength and growth coming only through continuous effort and struggle.

The upper body routine earned several thousand likes and a couple of hundred comments within the first two hours of appearing on the photo-sharing app.

“Great workout and great outfit,” one Instagram user complimented the fitness trainer in the comments section.