Lauren Simpson Squats 265 Pounds In Tiny Booty Shorts, Breaks New Personal Record

Fitness model Lauren Simpson posted a new workout video to popular social media platform Instagram on Tuesday, October 6, in which she flaunted her killer lower half while squatting a 265-pound high bar.

For the gym session, Lauren wore a semi-strapless black sports bra with just one thick strap securing the top to her upper body. The bra left plenty of skin exposed, drawing the eye to her muscular arms, shoulders, and back. Viewers also got a glimpse of her toned tummy, although it was partly covered by a black fitness belt with her name written in pink cursive lettering along the back. To complete the outfit, Lauren wore a pair of beige spandex booty shorts that rose to her bellybutton and extended to just below her ample backside, contouring to her enviable curves. The material bunched up along her booty, showing off even more curve.

For footwear, Lauren went with a pair of white-and-black Adidas sneakers. She accessorized with an exercise watch and scrunchie on one wrist and added a pair of knee compression sleeves to complete the look. Her long, blond tresses were scooped up in a ponytail that trailed down her back and over to one shoulder for the exercise.

Lauren's workout took place at a gym called Titan Fitness, according to the geotag on the post. She performed the squats in the weights section of the gym where she made use of a high bar. The barbell contained 265 pounds worth of plate weights divided on either side.

The video clip began with the trainer facing away from the camera as she placed the barbell across her shoulders behind her head. She gripped the barbell with both hands and lowered herself into a squat, making sure to maintain proper form. As she moved through each repetition, she gave her followers an eyeful of her sculpted booty and muscular legs. At the end of the clip, Lauren placed the equipment back on the structure and turned around to flash a proud smile for the camera.

In the caption of the post, Lauren told her fans that this was her heaviest squat since her surgery back in February and that it was hard for her. She added that she's been working on increasing her strength with high bar squats over the past few months.

The video clip earned nearly 20,000 views and dozens of comments within the first hour of appearing on the photo-sharing site.