Natalia Garibotto Stuns In Insanely Sexy Schoolgirl Costume: 'I Can Teach You A Thing Or Two'

Brazilian bombshell Natalia Garibotto kicked off the week on a racy note, taking to Instagram on Monday to share a sizzling photo of herself in an insanely sexy schoolgirl costume. The bikini model posed in front of an open locker for the steamy update, flaunting her thick booty and voluptuous thighs as she reached to take out some books. She accompanied the post with a cheeky caption.

"Damn. Now that will make a grown man want to go back to school. Wow," one fan wrote, regarding her words.

Natalia looked like a total smokeshow in an impossibly tiny miniskirt that nearly completely bared her buns. The red plaid number hemmed halfway down the hip, exposing her curvy pins. A white lace trim drew even more attention to her dangerous curves, which were showcased in profile.

The outfit also included a white crop top that appeared to knot in the front. The scanty item left her midriff on display, while also showing off her toned arms thanks to its boasted a short sleeve design.

While the top was not entirely see-through, her white lace bra was visible through the clingy fabric. Natalia finished off the hot look with matching, sheer thigh highs complete with garters. Her round posterior was perfectly framed between their floral lace bands and the skirt's lacy trim. This ensured that all eyes were glued to her bodacious backside, which Natalia stuck out for the camera as she seductively arched her back.

The stunner put one leg forward, bending her knee as she stretched out both arms to grab the books. The gesture allowed her to showcase the thick gold bracelets adorning her wrists, as well as the shiny rings on her fingers. Natalia glanced over her shoulder at the camera with an intense, alluring stare. She parted her lips in a provocative way, giving her even more sex appeal. Her long blond tresses spilled down her back, nearly reaching her waist. The model styled her hair with a deep side part, brushing some of her locks over her cheekbone and pulling up the rest into a half-ponytail.

Unsurprisingly, her followers were left swooning by the smoking-hot look, taking to the comments section in large numbers to compliment her beauty and incredible curves. Admirers dubbed Natalia "everyone's dream substitute teacher" and offered to be her study buddy.

"You can teach me any day love wow," wrote one user, who further expressed their adoration with a heart emoji.

"Bro no one could focus at school if you was [sic] around!" a second person declared.

"I wish you could like pics twice on here. Because I just tried to like it twice," chimed in another smitten fan.

The tantalizing upload garnered 600 messages overnight, in addition to more than 87,250 likes.

Natalia had been absent from Instagram for a little over a week following her rhinoplasty, which the model candidly documented in a video that can be viewed here. She returned to the platform on Sunday to share her "first video post nose job" -- a promotional shoot for Bang Energy that saw her hitting the beach in a skimpy hot-pink bikini. Click here to see the clip.