Gabriella Abutbol Pulls Jeans Halfway Down Wearing No Panties, Flaunts Her Killer Physique In Bed

Gabriella Abutbol stares into the camera for a selfie.
Gabriella Abutbol / Instagram

Fitness model and Instagram celebrity Gabriella Abutbol took to her social media account on Monday evening with trio of sizzling snaps that thrilled her 1.7 million followers. She was half-dressed and looking gorgeous while showing off lots of skin and posing provocatively on a pile of soft, fluffy bedding. Nearly 25,000 supporters hit the “like” button in the hours after it was uploaded.

Gabriella lounged seductively in the images, showing off her impressive physique in an ensemble that got pulses racing. She wore a white strapless bra that barely contained her ample assets. The front of the garment was completely smooth and seamless, displaying the curves of her breasts with no interruption. Distinct tan lines, likely caused by spending much of the summer in a revealing bikini, were visible from either side of her bust and across her decolletage.

Gabriella paired the lingerie with a pair of distressed blue jeans with a medium wash that she unbuttoned and tugged down to the tops off her thighs. The waistband was folded over, exposing one side of the zipper and the inner lining of the pocket. Her bare hip indicated that she was not wearing anything underneath. In the absence of panties, an alluring crease between her hipbone and the very top of her thigh could be seen. Rows of holes either covered or surrounded by soft, frayed strings of white cotton lined the legs of her pants, allowing patches of her tanned skin to peek through.

Gabriella posed laying on her right hip, balancing her upper body on the corresponding elbow. Her long legs were slightly bent and stacked upon one another, with her left calf placed in front. She was barefooot and appeared to accessorize with only a pair of necklaces. The shorter of the two had a gold-colored bow pendant dangling from it, while the other charm was difficult to identify.

In the first image, Gabriella squared her shoulders to the camera and relaxed her left arm next to her chest, crossing her forearm in front of her body to join her hands together. She lifted her chin and let her lips part, baring her white teeth in a sultry manner. Her eyes were partially closed as she gave the camera a smoldering look.

In the second image, she lifted her arm and pointed her elbow toward the ceiling. She tilted her head back and caressed the side of her dark hair with her fingertips.