Tuesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Ava Braces Herself For What Ryan's About To Demand

Fans have a lot to look forward to with Tuesday's episode of General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that Ryan will reveal what prompted him to call Ava down to Pentonville, and all signs point toward this being an intense interaction.

During Monday's episode of General Hospital, Ryan demanded that Ava pay him a visit. He wouldn't tell her why on the phone, but he insisted that it would be life-changing.

Both Julian and Nikolas were immediately upset about this call and urged her not to go see him. However, she detailed that she could tell he had something significant he wanted to talk to her about.

After Julian left, Nikolas showed his true concern for Ava's safety. She promised she would never fall prey to Ryan's games again and left Wyndemere.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Ava will be cornered during the October 6 show. The sneak peek for Tuesday's General Hospital episode teased that Ryan would tell Ava that his silence would come at a price.

It seems likely that this is all about the letter that Nelle sent him. Julian knew that she had documented everything she knew about his role in the baby swap and that she arranged for someone to get it if she died.

Julian thought Martin had the letter, but he found out that wasn't the case. Viewers know that Nelle sent it to Ryan, and it seems that Ava's about to find that out as well.

General Hospital teasers hint that Ryan will tell Ava about this letter during her visit. Whether he shares specifics or keeps the details vague, he will probably make it clear to her that he could cause a lot of trouble for Julian. However, it seems that Ryan will offer to stay quiet about all he has learned if Ava meets his demands.

What will Ryan want from her? He's remained obsessed with her and clearly still has a hold on her to a degree. Her feelings for Nikolas are complicated at the moment, and this situation will likely either help them become closer to one another or drive a wedge between them.

Will Ryan manage to get out of Pentonville and wreak havoc on Port Charles? General Hospital fans are speculating that's exactly where this is headed, and if that is the case, big developments should be coming soon.

Over the next couple of weeks, General Hospital teasers detail that Ava will struggle. Down the road a bit, she will try to reassure Julian, so she may confide in her brother about what kind of ultimatum Ryan threw at her. She'll certainly be in a tough spot with this, and the next few weeks should be pretty crazy as this storyline progresses.