Sadie Robertson Shares Adorable Snapshot After Revealing Pregnancy News: 'The Day We Found Out'

Now that Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson has revealed the exciting news about her pregnancy, she's taking to Instagram to share a snap she'd kept hidden for a while. Monday afternoon, she uploaded a snapshot that she took on a very important day and her fans went wild over it.

Sadie wrote in her caption that she snapped this one on the day that she and her husband, Christian Huff, found out that she was expecting. She added that she was quite excited to watch her belly and baby grow in the months ahead.

Sadie did not note the exact date that she snapped this photo. However, the expression on her face was clearly one of bliss and excitement.

The 23-year-old influencer and mom-to-be stood sideways as she took the picture with her phone in a mirror. She had her blond tresses pulled up into a messy bun high on her head as she placed one hand on her hip.

The Duck Dynasty star wore a yellow top and baggy light-blue denim jeans. The shirt was somewhat formfitting, and she had it tucked into the waistband of her jeans. There certainly did not appear to be a bump of any kind, which would make sense given that she just found out that day about her pregnancy.

This snapshot will surely provide a good baseline reference for the growth that is on the way, though. In her initial announcement, Sadie and Christian showed off some ultrasound photos, and their positioning seemed to hide any sign of belly growth.

After Monday's upload, chances seem good that a true bump picture will probably be uploaded fairly soon. As this process progresses, Sadie will likely share more regarding how far into her pregnancy she is.

In just an hour, 230,000 of Sadie's 3.9 million Instagram followers liked this post and 750 people commented. Quite a few asked how far along she was now and many fans congratulated her on the exciting news.

"I am LIVING FOR THIS," one commenter teased.

"This is so sweet congratulations :)," a fan shared.


"You are going to be the most adorable pregnant woman!" someone else wrote.

Just over a month ago, Sadie snapped at social media followers who speculated that she was pregnant. She said it would probably be years before she and Christian went down that path and she said it was rude that people kept posting comments suggesting she had gained a little weight.

Despite the interesting timing of that previous post and this announcement, everybody seems exceedingly happy for the Duck Dynasty star. Sadie and her husband are clearly quite thrilled with this, and fans will be anxious for additional updates.