Cheryl Burke Says Matthew Lawrence Is Her 'Rock' More Than A Decade After Her Drinking Caused Their Split

Cheryl Burke said her husband, Matthew Lawrence, has been by her side during her sobriety journey. In a new interview, the two-time Dancing with the Stars mirrorball champ opened up about her decision to get sober, and she credited the Boy Meets World alum for being her biggest supporter.

"He is just my rock," Cheryl told Good Morning America."I don't know where I would be without him."

In the interview, the 36-year-old professional choreographer admitted that her drinking got out of control when she first moved to Los Angeles and began to compete on Dancing With the Stars.

"I was a party girl. I was on TMZ every day practically going out seven nights a week, and then I just took it to the next level and it became an issue. And it became an everyday thing for me."
She added that she didn't want to fall down that "slippery slope," so she started going to therapy and practicing daily meditation to kick her habit shortly before her wedding.

Cheryl also revealed that not everyone supported her decision and that at first, she kept her sobriety a secret even from her future husband because she didn't want to put too much pressure on herself.

Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence pose at an event
Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez

Drinking appeared to have affected her relationship with Matthew early on. Fans know that Cheryl dated the actor during her early DWTS days and that they split up before rekindling their romance nine years later.

But shortly after their breakup in 2008, the actor was caught by TMZ's cameras alongside his brother, Andy. When Matt was asked why he broke up with Cheryl, he tried to dodge the awkward question, but his brother blurted out that the reason they broke up was because she liked to go out and drink all the time.

Matthew said he still thought Cheryl was a cool girl, and Andy added, "She's cool, but that's why they broke up."

In the GMA interview, Cheryl revealed that since getting sober, her friend group has changed dramatically. The DWTS pro said she has fewer friends now, though her current friendships are more meaningful.

She did, however, add a new friend to her list after bonding with her current Dancing With the Stars partner AJ McLean over their shared sobriety.

Last week, Cheryl revealed that she is two years sober, as previously shared by The Inquisitr. The ballroom beauty made the choice to quit drinking after her engagement party in 2018. She also noted that her late father battled alcoholism.