Twitter Users Think Donald Trump’s Tweets Are The Result Of Steroid Treatment

donald trump at walter reed hospital
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President Donald Trump went on a tweetstorm Monday morning during which he posted over a dozen, all-caps tweets about various topics, and some Twitter users think he may have been tweeting in a state of steroid-induced rage, TMZ reported.

Within a couple of hours early Monday morning, Trump, who is currently at Walter Reed Medical Center being treated for COVID-19, posted 19 (as of mid-morning) tweets about various topics. While some were whole sentences or paragraphs about this or that — such as encouraging Virginians to vote or risk losing their Second Amendment rights — the majority consisted of two or three words posted in all caps, followed by exclamation points.

Several Twitter users wondered if he may have been under the influence, in a manner of speaking, when he wrote those tweets.

As CNBC reported on Sunday, the president has received dexamethasone, a steroid that has been effective for treating patients who are seriously ill with COVID-19 symptoms. Although in popular culture steroids are usually associated with athletes illegally using them to bulk up and gain a competitive edge, in fact, there are multiple kinds of steroids with multiple legitimate medical uses, such as fighting inflammation.

Like all medicines, steroids can have side effects. One common side effect is irritability or anger, sometimes colloquially referred to as “‘roid rage.” Dexamethasone can indeed cause aggression, agitation, and similar symptoms in some users, according to The Mayo Clinic.

a box of dexamethasone
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Some Twitter commenters were convinced that irritability caused by the medicine fueled the president’s latest tweets.

“The last time I took steroids was in March for Covid. I ripped a t-shirt off of my body from the neck down because the material was scratchy and irritating my skin. Here are Trump’s tweets from the last hour and it’s clear he’s got that ROID RAGE,” wrote one user, along with a screenshot of all of Trump’s Monday morning tweets.

“Holy sh*t, after the “LOVE” tweet a few days ago trump woke up from that bullsh*t in ALL-CAPS roid rage from all the steroids they’re pumping into his dilapidated, diseased body,” tweeted another.

Even without steroids, the 45th president does have a tendency to wear his anger on his sleeve. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a recent NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll showed that 58 percent of voters believe that Joe Biden has a better temperament for the job of president than Trump does. That poll was taken following last Tuesday’s debate, during which the president and his adversary repeatedly talked over each other.