Clare Crawley Reunites With Her ‘Honey’ And Gets Flirty With A Suitor In New Promo For ‘The Bachelorette’

The ABC reality star gets a taste of home in a new teaser.

Clare Crawley on The Bachelorette
Craig Sjodin / ABC

The ABC reality star gets a taste of home in a new teaser.

Clare Crawley got to reunite with her Honey on The Bachelorette.

In a new promo for the rose-filled ABC dating show, the 39-year-old Sacramento hairstylist was greeted by her beloved dog as she kicked off what is being described as the most “shocking” season of the franchise ever.

Fans know that Clare is a proud mama to a golden retriever named Honey and a Maltese mix named Elby. The precious pups have been regularly featured on her Instagram page. In the new clip, The Bachelorette beauty was shown being surprised with the arrival of her golden retriever as she met her 31 suitors at the opening night limo meet and greet, which will air on the show’s season premiere on October 13.

The narrator spoke over the video, saying that Clare already has a “Honey” and is now looking for a “husband.”

While Clare was in full glam mode with a gold sequined dress in the teaser, one of her potential husbands showed up wearing a t-shirt with her dogs emblazoned across the front of it. He explained that he knows her pets are “super important” to her. The ABC reality star then coyly asked if she could “pet” her pups as she rubbed her hands across her hunky suitor’s chest and giggled.

In the comments section to the clip shared on Instagram, Bachelorette fans were thrilled to see Clare with her precious pet.

“Love that Honey makes an appearance,” one fan wrote. “Where’s [Elby]? I love that the guys get to meet her fur baby night 1!”

“Honey for the first and last rose,” a second viewer chimed in.

The Bachelorette + golden retrievers = [thumbs up emoji],” another fan wrote.

Others commented that they liked Clare’s smooth move with the t-shirt wearing hunk.

“Ma got MOVES petting the dogs, yes Clare,” one fan wrote.

Some fans already knew that Clare’s canine would make a cameo on The Bachelorette. In August, ET Online shared photos of the ABC leading lady and her dog on location at the La Quinta Resort & Club in Palm Springs, California for the filming of the long-running reality series.

Additionally, Clare previously gave viewers a tour of her suite, which she described as “so upgraded from what I expected,” per TV Insider. The tour included a peek at her bedroom and her dogs’ special quarters at the luxury resort.

It’s no surprise that the dog-loving reality star wanted to bring her pets with her while filming during the pandemic.