Kim French Flaunts Sculpted Physique In Skintight Outfit For Booty Workout

Kim French takes a selfie in a black outfit.
Kim French / Instagram

On Sunday, October 4, fitness model Kim French took to social media platform Instagram to post a new video series in which she trained her sculpted backside at the gym.

For the workout, Kim wore an outfit from fellow fitness model Ashleigh Jordan’s activewear brand, NVGTN, that consisted of a black top and orange leggings.

The top was cropped at the beginning of Kim’s tummy, giving her followers an eyeful of chiseled abs. It included short sleeves and a large cutout along the upper back that left little of her muscular back hidden.

The leggings rose high on her midsection and contoured to her narrow waist and ample hips. They emphasized her shapely booty and toned legs.

Kim completed the outfit with a pair of white sneakers and white socks that rose to her calf.

She pulled her brunette tresses up into a high ponytail that alternated between flowing down her back and over to one shoulder.

The workout consisted of seven glute-targeting exercises, all performed at the gym. Kim made use of a variety of equipment that included dumbbells, resistance bands, plate weights, and weight machines. Each move was separated into an individual video clip in the post. Throughout most of the videos, the fitness trainer was filmed from behind, giving viewers an eyeful of her enviable backside as she moved through each exercise.

The first video clip showed the DB overhead kneeling squat using a set of dumbbells.

The second move was called the Smith leg press, and Kim added a white elastic band around her thighs for extra resistance.

Following the leg presses, she moved into a set of banded plate sumo squats.

The fourth slide showed the hex bar RDL, which required the use of a specialized barbell.

The cable side kick came next, which was then followed by the banded cable squat to jump.

Kim completed the routine with the side laying abduction.

In the caption of the post, Kim wrote out the moves and included the number of reps and sets her followers should do for each. She also gave them tips on how to properly execute each exercise while maintaining proper form. At the end of her message, she told her fans that she was so ready to see them crushing this routine.

The glute workout earned more than 20,000 likes and a few hundred comments within the first day.

“Omg love this so much!!! Always crushing it [two fire emoji] love how you can actually see your glutes flexing while going through the movements lol,” one Instagram user wrote in the comments section.