Yanet Garcia Flaunts Her Bodacious Booty In Skintight Workout Pants

Yanet Garcia poses for a selfie.
Yanet Garcia / Instagram

Fitness aficionado Yanet Garcia took to Instagram late Sunday night to share a photo that showed off her fabulous figure while also leaving a message of positivity for her 13.4 million followers. The picture featured the brunette model flaunting her curves in a set of skintight activewear with a focus on her bodacious booty.

For the snap — geotagged at Ten Thousand, a luxury apartment complex in Los Angeles — Yanet stood on a balcony with glass sides, which provided a view of the cityscape below. A few buildings were visible and a range of hills extended across the horizon. A yellow hue skimmed the tops of the hills and the sky was cloudless, suggesting it might have been a gorgeous day. A pair of blue dumbbells sat off on one side of the balcony.

The camera caught Yanet from a side view with her forearms rested on the balcony railing. The photo was cropped just above her ankles, giving her fans a nice look at her body. She wore a focused expression on her face as she gazed out at the landscape.

Yanet’s outfit was a shade of light pink and appeared to made of a soft fabric. Because of the way she was standing, the front of her bra was not visible. That being said, it had a racerback style, which showed off her shapely shoulders and back.

The leggings were seamless and featured a mid-rise waist.

She sported a pair of headphones over her long locks, which were wore down and styled straight.

The beauty put her booty on display by standing with one hip cocked to the side.

The shot also showed off her muscular legs and trim midsection.

In the caption, Yanet left an uplifting message.

Within several hours of the photo being shared to her account, it garnered more than 210,000 likes and 600-plus comments.

While many of the comments were written in different languages, a few of them were in English. The messages all seemed to be complimentary.

“Great words of advice… you looking very fit and beautiful,” commented one Instagram user.

“Breathtakingly Beautiful!” a third fan added with a several flame emoji.

“Such an amazing woman,” gushed a second admirer.

“You are very beautiful,” wrote a fourth follower, adding a row of hearts.

This was not the first time Yanet decided to put her derrière on display in a formfitting workout ensemble. Last month, she shared a snap that saw her showcasing her fit physique in lavender activewear while she performed a leg extension on a gym machine.