October 8, 2020
'Big Brother 22' Week 9 Spoilers: Houseguests Decide On Eviction Plan

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother All-Stars.

Week 9 in the Big Brother house is in full swing, with a new Head of Household (HOH), new nominees, and a Power of Veto (POV) winner already confirmed. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Cody Calafiore nabbed the ninth HOH, and put up Christmas Abbott and Tyler Crispen for eviction. Cody also won the POV and plans on keeping the nominations the same when the Veto meeting takes place tomorrow afternoon.

For much of yesterday, the houseguests were still deciding who to get rid of between Tyler and Christmas. Arguments were made for both roommates, but it appears that a consensus has been reached today. According to conversations on the live feeds -- which have been documented by Big Brother Daily on Twitter -- it appears that Tyler will be booted come Thursday. With just six players left in the game, only three competitors will vote in the next eviction. Nicole Franzel, Enzo Palumbo, and Memphis Garrett have all decided Tyler is the bigger threat and he will be heading to the jury house.

Christmas has been in a surprisingly good mood despite being on the block and has been confident that she is staying in the game. This confidence has been bothering Cody tremendously, and most of the roommates have decided on sending her home next week as long as she doesn't win HOH or the POV.

Tyler Crispen sits in the Big Brother house

Tyler has, for the most part, figured out that he will be leaving in just a few days. Christmas revealed to Enzo that she spoke with Tyler today and he said no one has come to him saying they would keep him in the game. He added that it was "cool" since that means he gets to see girlfriend Angela Rummans. Enzo then confirmed to Christmas that you get video messages when you are in the jury house.

Tyler has struggled with missing Angela all summer long and even tried to self-evict, which caused producers to come in and fix the situation. Despite changing his mind at the last minute and staying, the move annoyed many of his housemates and caused his Committee alliance members to want him out sooner than they anticipated.

The Veto meeting will play out tomorrow. Tyler still has some time to try and convince Cody to use it, but that's a major stretch. Should Cody pull someone down, he would have to nominate one of his closest allies in their place.