Prince William Was So Worried By Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Romance That He Asked Their Uncle To Intervene

Prince Harry and Prince William walk together.
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Though Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly living happily together with their young son in Santa Barbara, California, Prince William had at one point expressed serious doubts about the relationship.

According to The Daily Mail, a new book has suggested the Duke of Cambridge was so worried about the quick progression of the romance that he enlisted their uncle, Earl Charles Spencer, to offer some warnings about moving too quickly.

The upcoming release, Battle of Brothers, was written by Robert Lacey, a respected royal historian who notably served as the expert behind the Netflix series The Crown. An excerpt from the tome covered the drama that helped spur a feud between the two princes.

Like previous reports, Lacey claimed Prince William — who famously dated Kate Middleton for about a decade before proposing — believed Harry was so ready to settle down that he was unwisely rushing into marriage.

“‘This all seems to be moving rather quickly,’ William was said to have remarked to Harry… ‘Are you sure?'” Prince William allegedly cautioned at one point.

However, the Duke of Sussex rebuffed the well-meant warnings and even claimed he found the discussion rife with snobbery about the nationality and employment of his then-girlfriend, per The Guardian.

Prince William and Prince Harry walk together.
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As a result of the unsuccessful conversation, Prince William decided to enlist some help in the form of the boys’ uncle, Charles Spencer. The earl, who was brother to the late Princess Diana, had given advice to his nephews throughout their lives and was considered by both to be an “honorary godfather.”

However, this discussion led to disaster.

“The result of the Spencer intervention was an even more bitter explosion. Once again Harry refused to slow down,” the excerpt explained.

“[Harry] didn’t blame his uncle. He understood why Diana’s brother should want to help. Yet he was furious with his elder brother for dragging other family members into the row. The fraternal fissure became established. There would be patch-ups and reconciliations, especially when a public show of unity was required. But that anger and mistrust — that distance — has lasted to the present day.”

For example, Prince William and Kate Middleton reportedly missed the Duke of Sussex’s birthday Zoom call this past September in a snub that insiders labeled as “awkward.”

The upcoming book comes as the Sussexes have faced a growing number of negative headlines as they navigate their post-royal life. As previously covered by The Inquisitr, one particularly stinging report claimed nearly 70 percent of Brits want the couple to be stripped of their titles as a result of their recent political statements.