Anllela Sagra Poses On Her Knees And Flaunts Killer Abs Wearing Glittering Pink Chainmail

Anllela Sagra snaps a selfie
Anllela Sagra / Instagram

Colombian fitness model Anllela Sagra stunned her 11.9 million followers with her most recent Instagram post on Sunday afternoon. She struck a provocative pose while rocking a glamorous and revealing outfit that left fans wanting more.

Editor’s note: The referenced post has been deleted from Instagram.

Nearly 32,000 fans hit the “like” button in the first hour after the sultry post was uploaded, including one from fellow model Bruna Rangel Lima.

Anllela wore a scintillating two-piece ensemble that showed off her incredible physique. It featured a rose-colored chainmail with gold edging.

The skimpy top included a rectangular front panel that was cropped just below her breasts and draped low in the center to display her enticing cleavage. The gold detail lining the entire piece transitioned into straps that clasped around her rib cage and went over her shoulders.

The matching bottom was a miniskirt slung low around her shapely hips, embellished with a slit that ran all the way up to the gold waistband on one side. One corner of the garment draped between her thighs.

Anllela posed on her knees, which were spread far apart to maintain her balance. She thrust her hips forward and angled them slightly to one side, making her flexed abdominal muscles impossible to ignore.

She dropped her chin and stared at the lens with a smoldering expression. Her dark mane of hair was thrown over one shoulder and cascaded almost to her navel.

Anllela credited Miami-based fashion photographer Olly Vento for the shot.

At the time of this writing, hundreds of Anllela’s Instagram followers flooded her page with love for the 26-year-old social media celebrity. The majority of fans elected to express their adoration with various affectionate emoji. Most common seemed to be the ever-popular flames and different-colored hearts, followed by the heart-eyes symbol.

Others, however, put their feelings into words.

“Jesus you’re so hot. How do you get in shape like that?” inquired one fan.

“Getting a “Xena: warrior princess” vibe!” exclaimed a second person, who seemed to admire the style of her outfit.

“One of the most amazing ladies God ever made!” declared a third follower.

“I’m not saying that it would add or subtract from your beauty, I’m just saying whatever you have now is working just fine. Just know that I will love you whatever choices you make as a total fan. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, you have worked so hard to have such beautifully toned body,” gushed a fourth, apparently very dedicated, supporter.